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2 Command Systems
2.1 Main Bridge

General Overview: Primary operational control of the Intimidator Refit class is provided by the Main Bridge, located at the top of the primary hull. It is located on Deck 1. The Main Bridge directly supervises all primary mission operations (with the exception of the Shuttle Bay, Fighter Bay and assorted craft) and coordinates all departmental activities.

The Main Bridge is an eject-able module, allowing for a wider variety in mission parameters.
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2.2 Engineering

The intimidator refit class’s engineering center represents a clear break from the traditional centralized engineering complex aboard previous federation starships. The intimidator has two separate engineering centers as well as an independent center for the operation of the slip stream drive system. This was done for two separate but equally important reasons. When a Federation starship’s engineering center is destroyed it leaves the vessel without warp power, often stranded thousands of years from any suitable instillation at sub light speeds, however the secondary warp core, can be used to provide limited faster than light travel should the primary core be destroyed. The second reason is that the Intimidator requires far more power to operate then conventional federation vessels. The secondary warp core, while not as complex as the primary core, still requires the same support systems as the primary core creating the need for a second engineering facility.

The Intimidator refit class features a complex automated repair system allowing for a small number of engineers to conduct specialized repairs throughout the ship while regular maintenance can be carried our automatically, allowing for critical maintenance issues to be addressed without sacrificing attention to normal upkeep procedures.
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2.2.1 Main Engineering

Located on Deck 20 Main Engineering is the “heart” of the ship, comparable to the bridge as the “brain”. It has access to almost all systems aboard the starship, and manages repairs, power flow, and general maintenance.

The Engineering Center aboard the Intimidator refit class has been divided into four key functional areas, the core zone, the secondary generator, the damage control staging area, and the Normal operation Center. Each of the four areas relates to a specific ship board function, and if necessary can be isolated from the set of the engineering complex via heavy blast doors. The core zone as the name implies contains the primary anti matter reactor, as well as the necessary support elements and control features. The Core zone can be completely isolated from the rest of the engineering complex in case of sever emergency. During combat operations Isolation generators within the Core zone can establish a level ten force field around the warp core.

The Secondary Generator servers to step down the raw plasma feed coming from the Main reactor. The Secondary generator supplies power to the EPS system as well as the plasma conduits which transfer drive plasma to the warp nacelles. The term generator is a misnomer as no actual energy is generated. Plasma from the Primary core is used to transfer energy into a variety of power distribution systems throughout the ship.

The Damage Control Staging area is the control center for the damage control teams onboard the Intimidator refit. While on conventional starships damage control teams are based out of a single station with in engineering, the advanced automated damage control system necessitated a dedicated facility which was then integrated into the larger primary engineering complex. From the DC staging area individual damage teams can be assigned specific tasks, and the automated damage control system can be controlled for normal operations.

The Normal Operations Center or NOC is where normal day to day ship board engineering functions are carried out. From the NOC systems such as the quantum slip stream drive, environmental controls, deflector systems, tactical systems and a variety of others can be monitored. Engineering meetings are generally held within the NOC, and the NOC contains the MSD display as well as a number of other situational displays.

The Engineering complex aboard the Intimidator refit class was designed to optimize the efficiency of engineering teams in working to both repair damaged systems, and maintain ship functions while in battle, or during prolonged periods away from star base. While aging designs such as the nebula, and galaxy classes required a complex network of engineering support centers throughout the ship. While the intimidator does still feature networked systems which must be maintenance via Jeffries tubes and service corridors the outdated and often difficult to locate engineering sub junctions are not required on the intimidator refit.

Like on other starships, should the bridge be destroyed main engineering or the nearby auxiliary control center can be used to control all shipboard functions with the proper authorization codes. The ship self destruct system can also be armed from the main engineering complex. Both of these functions are controlled from the Normal Operations Center.
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2.2.2 Slip Stream Drive

The Slip stream drive control center is a small auxiliary control facility attached to main engineering containing the quantum slip stream drive core, as well as a number of other support facilities. The facility itself is primarily automated, and is only accessed for maintenance or inspection purposes as nearly all regulatory work on the generator can be completed from support terminals with in main engineering complex. The slip stream drive generator draws power from the primary core during periods of operation, and is otherwise inactive.
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2.2.3 Secondary Engineering

The Secondary engineering complex contains all the sub systems and support networks related to the secondary core. Secondary engineering lacks many of the command and control systems of the main engineering complex; however some override functions can be preformed from the upper level of the secondary engineering complex.

The secondary core is a defiant style warp core which provides power to the EPS and power transfer network during normal starship operations, however during periods of combat the secondary core provides additional power for the weapons and shield systems with nearly 2 thirds the cores entire power output being dedicated to the Type-XXV Phaser Cannon. When the slip stream drive system is brought online the secondary core powers the ships power transfer systems as the majority of the primary core’s output is shifted to the slip stream drive generator.

If the Primary engineering complex is destroyed the secondary engineering center can provide the power needed to obtain warp travel. While the secondary core was not put in place with warp travel in mind, a series of simple modifications can be made to allow power for the ship to reach warp 5 with auxiliary power still available for secondary systems.
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