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8 Crew Support Systems
8.1 Medical & Counseling Centers

The medical and counseling support facilities in place aboard the intimidator refit class are some of the finest available for use onboard a star ship. Each any every aspect of the Intimidator refitís medical support system was specially designed to accommodate large numbers of wounded refugees for the ships possible role in the evacuation of civilian compounds throughout the Borg War. This design practice war further refined in the lead up to the Cardassian war both to aid in the removal of civilians from the front lines, and to more adequately meet the needs of a front line combat environment.

The Intimidator Refitís medical facilities are also rated to deal with contagion outbreaks, and other biological hazards. In lieu of dedicated medical vessels the Intimidator Refit can be equipped with additional medical facilities, and if need Cargo Bays can be retrofitted for medical procedures and research.
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8.1.1 Sick Bay

At the Heart of the Intimidator Refitís Medical facilities is the Primary Sick bay. This central facility designed based off the successful facilities used aboard the Sovereign and Prometheus class vessels, and has been further expanded to allow for the treatment of additional patients. The medical staff has been increased significantly to insure that treatment is always available. The primary Sick bay center consists of six standard bio beds as well as two surgical bio beds which can be isolated via a containment field.

The other areas include a consultation center where medical personnel can discuss more private matters with patients, a medical observation center, and recovery wards which can be quickly converted into surgical centers if the need arises.

The Main sick bay also holds the maternity ward and a nursery, three surgical suites, a null-grav therapy ward, a morgue, a biohazard isolation unit, and a dental care office. Also pursuant to new Medical Protocols, all Medical Facilities are equipped with holo-emitters for the usage of the Emergency Medical Holograph System.
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8.1.2 Intensive Care units

The ICUs aboard the Intimidator Class are in line with all federation medical codes and are designed to provide optimal treatment for patients suffering the most critical injuries. Prior to the Borg war Federation policy had been to place the most critically injured patients into stasis to transfer them to a star base or other specialized medical institute, however the perpetual retreating action of the Borg war placed tremendous strain on such facilities, and policy changed to include at least one ICU onboard all starships with more than 300 personnel onboard. The intimidator Refit is equipped with three ICU in compliance with Federation regulations.
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8.1.3 Micro Biology Units

In order to provide adequate medical treatment the Intimidator Refit is equipped with three micro biology labs. These labs were initially put in place during the Borg war in an attempt to counter Borg Nano bots, however the Labs remain a critical element in the battle against Cardassian threats of Biological war far, and out breaks of disease in densely populated areas. With These labs the Intimidator Refit is able to provide first response on behalf of Starfleet medical and in many cases prevent diseases from spreading at all.
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8.1.4 Recovery Facilities

To avoid overcrowding in the central Sick bay the Intimidator Refit is equipped with a number of recovery and medical observation centers adjacent to the primary sick bay. These sections are staffed primarily by nurses and provide areas for injured personnel to recover outside of the sick bay environment. Patients are first stepped down to a medical observation wing until they fully stabilize and are then transferred to the more general medical recovery center. In situations of sever emergency all medical recovery centers can be easily converted into triage centers and surrounding cargo bays can be retrofitted to support additional injured personnel.
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8.1.5 Medical Science Labs

The Intimidator Refit carries a number of medical science labs in addition to the central medical facilities. These labs are used to carry out medical tests and deliver trial treatments which are too dangerous to be carried out in unconfined areas. Each medical laboratory is equipped with triple redundant isolation fields, and an independent micro environmental control system. The medical laboratories onboard the Intimidator Refit are truly at the for front of federation medical technology, and each lab can be completely customized mid mission to adapt to an ever changing demand.
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8.1.6 Counseling Centers

The counseling centers consist of modest rooms approximately the size of a standard living room compartment, it can easily be placed somewhere within the residential areas of the ship at the Counselor's discretion. While decorated to the tastes of the staff using it, the office tends to be equipped with comfortable seating and colors to better relax its visitors.
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8.2 Crew Quarters

The arrangement of living quarters is designed to be modular, so that at any time, a particular area could be reconfigured to create larger or smaller residential areas. Individual areas make up what has come to be known as a "bay," which is equal to the size of the smallest available module. These modules are connected together to create all available standard living accommodations on a Intimidator Refit class starship, with the overall design and color scheme similar to the tones used on the Intrepid Galaxy and Sovereign class starship. Most living areas are located on the upper and lower surfaces of the saucer section, offering residents a remarkable view of the starscape outside their windows.
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8.2.1 Captainís Quarters

The Commanding Officerís quarters aboard the intimidator Refit is a two floor area located on deck 10 and 11 with the upper level containing a bed room, bathroom and replicator. The lower area contains a large living area usually with a table for holding private meetings or conferences as well as. The Command Officer can furnish his quarters to his liking, however the standard issue furnishings are slightly more luxurious then the rest of the senior staff quarters.

Attached to the Commanderís quarters is a two level study, fitted with a reading area and small library on the upper level and a desk and coffee table on the lower level. The study is styled to look like an ancient sailing ship. The Commanding Officer can choose to furnish his study to fit his or her own taste.
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8.2.2 Senior Officerís Quarters

Starfleet personnel from the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade up to Commander are given one set of quarters to themselves. In addition, department heads and their first assistant are granted such privileges as well, in an effort to provide a private environment to perform off-duty work. After six months, officers are permitted to bring family aboard the ship and a slightly larger room can be allocated to them. Members of the Senior Staff can have these restrictions waived with the Captain's permission.

These accommodations typically include a two-bay living area at the center of the dwelling, which usually holds a personal holographic viewer, personal workstation, couch, replicator and a small dining area. Connected to this is a bedroom that occupies one bay and features a double-sized bed and room for personal belongings. Normally, the bedroom is connected by a half-bathroom with wash basin, mirror, several drawers and a sonic shower. This can be upgraded to a full-sized bathroom with a bathtub with permission from the Operations officer as space permits. Provisions can also be made available for pets.

Officers may request that their living quarters be combined to form one larger dwelling.
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8.2.3 Junior Officerís Quarters

Standard Living Quarters are provided for both Starfleet Non-Commissioned Officers, attached civilian personnel and officers holding the rank of Ensign. These persons are expected to share their room with another crewmate due to space restrictions aboard the starship, and after serving aboard the ship for six months, are eligible to bring family aboard and be relocated to Family Quarters.

Two NCOs or two Ensigns are assigned to a suite. A large living area spreads across two bays at the center of the dwelling. Furnished for comfort, it typically holds a personal holographic viewer, couch, two chairs and a work station as well as a standard replicator. This room is flanked on both sides with identical bedrooms, which each take up one bay in length and house room for a double-sized bed and room for personal belongings. A half-bathroom is located on the opposite side from the bedroom's entrance, and has a sonic shower, wash basin, mirror and several drawers. Provisions for small pets can be made available.
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8.2.4 Crewmanís Quarters

Enlisted crewmembers share quarters with up to four other people of the same gender. A large living area spreads across two bays at the center of the dwelling. Furnished for comfort, it typically holds a personal holographic viewer, couch, two chairs and a work station as well as a standard replicator. This room is flanked on both sides with identical bedrooms, which each take up one bay in length and houses a bunk for two occupants, as well as space for their belongings. A half-bathroom is located on the opposite side from the bedroom's entrance, and has a sonic shower, wash basin, mirror and several drawers. Pets are not allowed for enlisted crewmen.

Crewmen can request that their living quarters be combined to create a single larger dwelling.
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8.3 Recreational Facilities

The Intimidator Refit class is a combat rounded starship and its design has been maximized for tactical usage. However, it is realized that the stress of operating at 99% efficiency on a ship that is built for deep-space exploration can be dangerous, so there are some recreational facilities on Intimidator Refit class starships.
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8.3.1 Holodecks

The Intimidator Refit is equipped with four standard Holodecks as well as a number of specialized Holodecks which are not available for recreational use. The Four main Holodecks are available for use to Officers during missions, and can be reserved with higher ranking officers taking priority when time slots conflict. Enlisted crewmen and cadets are not allowed to use the Holodecks under normal circumstances, however they may be given special permission from a member of the senior staff to use the Holodeck during certain periods.. Holodecks themselves are to be used by groups or individual officers. If demand is sufficient Holodecks can be partitioned and up to 16 simulations can take place at once, however at this level of operation Holodeck quality and responsiveness becomes an issue.
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8.3.2 Miscellaneous Facilities

In addition to Holodecks the Intimidator refit holds a small number of recreational facilities such as phaser ranges, gymnasiums, libraries, Racquet Ball Courts , Sparing Rooms , Spring Ball Courts, Batíleth Arenas ,an Arboretum and Crew lounges. These facilities are generally open to the entire crew and members of the security department are encouraged to exercise regularly to keep fit.
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