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12 Emergency Operations
12.1 Emergency Medical Operations

Pursuant to Starfleet General Policy and Starfleet Medical Emergency Operations, at least 40% of the officers and crew of the intimidator Refit Class are cross-trained to serve as Emergency Medical Technicians, to serve as triage specialists, medics, and other emergency medical functions along with non-medical emergency operations in engineering or tactical departments. This set of policies was established due to the wide variety of emergencies, both medical and otherwise, that a Federation Starship could respond to on any given mission.

The Intimidator Refit carries a standard compliment of 2 Federation Mobile Hospitals, with the Capacity to carry up to 8 additional units, which can be deployed directly to disaster sites or can serve to support ship board medical operations. These units can be made operational in under 20 minutes from deployment, and medical supplies can be made available as soon as the hospital sets down.

The Observation Lounge, Senior Staff Quarters, department Head offices, and flight decks can be converted to triage centers in situations of sever medical emergencies in 30 minutes or less with maximum engineering support. All Cargo Bays Can be evacuated of their Contents via transporters and converted to triage centers within 1 hours with full engineering support made available. Cargo Bay 2 & 3 can be reconfigured to support type H, K, or L environments, intended for non-humanoid casualties.† All facilities are equipped with full Bio-hazard suites, to minimize and prevent crew exposure to potentially deadly diseases.
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12.2 Lifeboats

The Vendetta Carries the Mark VIII escape pod sovereign class sub type. The Mark VIII is designed to seat 4, and is in place in numbers to accommodate the entire crew. In situations of emergency up to 14 people can occupy an escape pod. Each Lifeboat can support a full compliment for 6 months, longer if the lifeboats connect together.† All are equipped with navigational sensors, microthrusters, plus emergency subspace communication equipment. The Mark VIIIís impulse engine is twice as powerful as the Mark VII and can operate for twice as long.
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12.3 Rescue and Evacuation Operations

The Intimidator Refit Class is capable of responding to a variety of emergency situations the majority of which fall into three categories abandoning the starship, rescue and evacuation from a planetary body or another starship, and disaster relief support. The intimidator refit is capable of acting as both the primary first responder in an emergency situation and as a logistical command center during prolonged incidents. The Intimidator can dedicate nearly 30% of ship board resources to the site of the emergency within one hour or less, and can be optimized for emergency operations within six hours. This time frame can be reduced dramatically if sufficient notice is provided and the ship can be made ready to attend to the disaster while in transport.
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12.3.1 Rapid Response Teams

The Intimidator Refit carries dedicated rapid response teams trained to enter areas of extreme risk to assess the needs of the local population both medical and logistically. These first response teams are often composed of two medical officers, an engineering technician, and two security officers. At least one member of the team must be a certified pilot, and all members of the team are cross trained to be able to assist the other members of the team in their respective duty.
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12.3.2 Disaster Relief Support

The Intimidator Refit is equipped to deal with a wide variety of emergency situations including assisting in planetary evacuation and providing aid to disaster victims. With all ship resources optimized for disaster relief the Intimidator Refit can deliver resources and medical aid. In emergency evacuation scenarios the Intimidator Refit can transport over 200 personnel per hour using shuttles and transporters.
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12.3.3 Abandon Ship Scenarios

In an evacuation scenario multiple means of escape can be employed depending on the context of the emergency. The Intimidator Refit is equipped with more than enough escape pods to accommodate the entire crew. Each Escape Pod can sustain its 8 man compliment for 6 months, more if pods cluster together. Every air lock has environmental suits available for evacuation directly into vacuum. Complete evacuation of a normal operating compliment can be achieved in less than 3 minutes via these methods.

If a disaster occurs in orbit of a habitable planet or in Transporter range of another vessel or base then transporters can be used to reduce evacuation times to under two minutes depending on the transporter capabilities of the other location.
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