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Heavy Plasma Torpedo [H-VI]

The Plasma Torpedo Has been in service for nearly 150 Years

The Heavy plasma Torpedo is a variant of the weapon originally designed by the Romulan Star Empire in 2266. The current Model heavy plasma Torpedo or H-VI has been in use in the Romulan Fleet since the start of the Dominion war onboard the D'Deridex class warbird. The torpedo is most effectively used against stationary instillations or slow moving vessels, and while it retains many of the draw backs of the original Weapon, the newer version still delivers an extremely powerful punch.

The Plasma Torpedo is an Extremely Effective Planetary Bombardment Weapon

The H-VI employs an advanced internal shield matrix, which greatly extends the weapons range compared to earlier models, and is equipped with an internal navigation system, allowing the torpedo to track a target with out the need for direct control from a support vessel. The H-VI still moves slowly compared to other torpedoes, making it difficult, but not impossible, to use as an anti-ship weapon. The Heavy Plasma Torpedo still draws a considerable amount of energy from a vessel when it is fired, how ever it no longer renders a vessel dead in the water, as it once did.

The Dispersal Pattern of the H-VI can be Varied Depending on The Assigned Target

The Heavy Plasma Torpedo was use extensively through out the Borg war, with great success. The Larger slow moving Borg Cubes were often unable to escape the torpedoes impact, leading to tremendous damage upon impact. The H-VI has also been used extensively through out the current conflict with the Cardassian Union.

A plasma Torpedo Streaks Towards A Tactical Cube

One unique feature of the Plasma Torpedo is the Variable Dispersal settings. The Warhead can upon impact deliver the weapons full energy in a very concentrated area, or disperse a large amount plasma in a given area, causing thermal and impact damage to a wider area. In this way the weapon can be used against smaller craft which would normally evade the weapon.

A Borg Cube Moments after a Plasma Torpedo Impacts

The H-VI is projected to continue its service until it is fazed out by the H-VII, which is still in the primary stages of development. The H-VII is projected to extend the effective range of the Plasma torpedo, and will use the latest generation of guidance soft wear to allow it to be used effectively against enemy vessels.
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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