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Hellfire Torpedo

The hellfire torpedo was designed to compliment the federations existing photon and quantum torpedoes. The Hellfire torpedo was engineered with the ability modulate itself to the point where it can pass through the enemy shields as if they weren’t there, allowing it to impact the hull directly. The Hellfire is designed to 'skip' past enemy shielding using subspace phasing technology first used in 2368. The torpedo has a small, short range sensor array that, as it nears and enemy ship, scan it's target's shields, finding their frequency and modulation. The Warhead then activates the subspace phase transporter. This allows the Hellfire to move out of phase with the target, and re-appear within its shield parameter, and impact directly on the hull. That sequence takes only a matter of milli-seconds. To the naked eye, it appears the Hellfire actually passes though a ship's shields instead of 'skipping' past them.

The Warheads powerful explosive yield is not a result of a matter/antimatter reaction, but rather a more complex detonation sequence involving a small amount of proto-matter. A quantum singularity powers the torpedo’s systems and allows it to maintain warp speeds, as creating a luminescent green glow. The torpedo has its own warp coils in the casing and therefore is able to maintain a high warp for long distances, how ever the weapon can not obtain faster then light speeds on its own and as such must be fired at warp speed to enter warp successfully.

A Hellfire torpedo breaches the hull of a Borg Cube…

…And Explodes with devastating results

The Hellfire Mark II which was developed during the Borg War employs a temporal phase shift technology, which allows it to more easily breach an enemy’s shielding. While the Mark I needs to actively obtain a targets shield frequency a temporally phased torpedo simply passes through the Shields. This was in part accomplished through sensor telemetry retrieved by the USS Voyager when it encountered a brief temporal anomaly in 2374. This function how ever consumes a tremendous amount of energy, reducing the warheads effective yield by 50%. This function can how ever be disabled, to allow for maximum deliverable torpedo yield against an unshielded target.
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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