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11 Marine Operations
11.1 Marine Headquarters

Marine headquarters, located on deck 8 is the nerve center for marine operations aboard the Intimidator Refit Class. From Marine HQ all marine activities can be controlled including all marine facilities, and systems on deck 8. Marine HQ is directly adjacent to the MCO’s office as well as the VCTC and Marine Holodeck.

As well as controlling all Marine facilities on-board the ship Marine HQ is also responsible for management of operations as they take place. Marine HQ relays real-time information to and from troops in the field and various other departments throughout the ship as well as the federation, for example, Starfleet Intelligence, Tactical and Security Operations. The systems within Marine HQ also will monitor and update a combat units HUD information based on sensor data gathered from the ship in orbit. The principle purpose of the Marine HQ is to support the men and women in action through maintenance of on-board ship systems and providing the latest relevant information to those in combat.

Traditionally the MCO will control all operations from Marine HQ with the MXO taking a more involved role, leading the operation from the ground. In more recent skirmishes the MCO's have taken control of operations from the ground and have been more heavily involved in combat, leaving the support staff to handle operations from the ship.
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11.2 Weaponry

Marine Forces stationed aboard the Intimidator Refit have access to some of the most advanced tactical hardware in Starfleet. For a full list of the weaponry made available to the marines aboard the Intimidator Refit see the Weapons Index for a full small arms manifest.
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11.3 Marine Facilities
11.3.1 Marine Holodeck

The Marine Holodeck is the largest and most complex Holodeck onboard the Intimidator Refit class. The Marine Holodeck can be partitioned up to 80 times allowing from large group training exercises to take place over extended periods of times. The Marine Holodeck can also support multiple programs at the same time allowing for multiple simulations to occur parallel to one another. In addition the Marine Holodeck’s safety system can be independently regulated. This is important in presenting varying degrees of danger, and while during normal operations the Holodeck prevents fatalities, those settings can be completely disabled with appropriate authority. The Marine Holodeck's primary purpose is to prepare for missions before the fact, assuming enough notice has been given to the department to prepare for the mission
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11.3.2 Marine Variable Configuration Training Center

The MVCTC is a massive facility with an internal structure that can be modified given the nature of the training. Base of a Romulan marine training system the MVCTC has a number of non-fatal security measures designed to hamper a group or individual from completing a mission objective. MVCTCs are often used with other team drills such as capture of the flag or mock war games.

Beyond the structural variability of the training environment internal conditions can be modified to create numerous difficulties for any training group. Variable lighting, oxygen and humidity levels combine with threats from either an opposing training group, the facility itself, or bother to keep ship board marine forces sharp.
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11.3.3 Barracks

Marine barracks are configured to accommodate between two to eight marines in each unit. The barracks are specially reinforced to prevent damage during combat. Each Marine is allotted a limited amount of space for personnel items as well as spare uniforms and combat gear. NCO’s genneraly sleep in barracks with their rank determining the while Marine officers sleep
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11.4 Special Operations

Within the Starfleet Marine Corps there are numerous Special Operation Regiments. From elite infantry units, to Heavy Armor Groups, to Rapid Deployment Regiments, each serves a specific purpose and can be assigned to any starship on a mission by mission basis or for longer deployments.
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11.4.1 Razor Regiment

The Razor Regiment is made up of multiple operational units, the most well known being the Annihilators, currently led by Major Lauren Ndoci. They are the best of the Marine corps, the best of the best, infantry units that are put through more rigorous training than any other group in the corps. They are well respected troops but often are resented for their overbearing attitude towards those not in the Regiment. The Razors participate in combat situations far behind enemy lines or in situations which would otherwise be too dangerous for regular marine units.
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11.4.2 Armored Regiment

The Armored Regiment consists of a large number of operational Tank, striker or Puma Groups, normally assigned on a mission by mission basis with the exception of those deployed with the Rapid Deployment Regiments. Heavy Armor Regiments are on occasion attached to a specific ship or station for support of operations throughout a sector. The Intimidator Refit is equipped with a Compliment of 6 T-101 Scorpions, 8 LR-171-As and 8 IVA-381 Strikers, supported by 6 Iron Horse Class Runabouts and 6 Concord Class Personnel transports, though this compliment can be expanded depending on the Mission parameters.

The Armored Regiment provides armor superiority in most if not all ground based combat, from long distance artillery to troop transport. The weaponry on the T-101 battle tank and striker variants means they can take on most enemies on the ground as well as causing significant destruction to facilities and other buildings as well as provide anti air support.

Armored Vehicle Regiments are dependent on iron horse runabouts and concord Class transports for rapid entry into and extraction from the combat zone. Once the armored regiment is on the ground it is assumed that there will be no additional orbital support. Tank crews, Striker teams and Puma groups must operate seamlessly when combating an enemy threat.
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11.4.3 Rapid Deployment Regiments

In operation today there are 4 Rapid Deployment Regiments. They control and operate 3 modified Galaxy Class vessels and 1 Nebula Class which have had their capacities for civilian passengers converted to marine barracks, cargo bays converted to armories and various other configuration changes that allow the Rapid Deployment of fighters, tanks, infantry, and other important infrastructure to launch a ground invasion on any planet within the Regiments operational range. The Imtidator Refit’s role in Rapid deployment operations is to provide additional fire power as well as orbital defensive capabilities while marines are deployed to or extracted from the Combat zone.
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