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Poseidon Expansion Wave Torpedo [EWT-II]

The Poseidon Expansion Wave Torpedo, or EWT-II, is a classified weapons program developed by the federation during the dominion war, and applied on a classified number of occasions during the Borg war. Very little information regarding the workings, maximum yield, effective range, or destructive potential of the EWT-II have been released.

The use of the EWT-II is severally restricted to situations of extreme emergency, which are seen as threatening to the very survival of the federation. Such a case includes the use of a single EWT-II to destroy a Borg Fleet approaching Vulcan during the Borg War. Use of the EWT-II must be authorized by a Flag Officer above the rank of Rear Admiral. The exact security clearance needed to authorize a launch remains confidential. There are a limited stock of EWT-IIs distributed on heavy battle ships, and stations through out the federation, how ever the exact unit run, points of distribution, and number available to the fleet remains strictly classified. The location of the facility where EWT-IIs are produced remains classified.

The Federation has acknowledged that the initial design of the EWT-I was conducted with the mutual aid of both the Sona, Klingon, and Romulan Governments, as a possible means through which to end the War with the Dominion, how ever the Mark I did not come to fruition in time to be used in the conflict. It is also acknowledged that the Mark II was refined with information provided by voyager based on the Druoda warhead as well as the numerous sub space warheads the vessel encountered in the Delta quadrant.

The Following are a series of Sensor readings from the USS Ohio. The Ohio detonated a Poseidon Expansion Wave Torpedo in a near by nebula to stop an advancing Borg Fleet from reaching Vulcan. This is the only use of the EWT-II acknowledged by Starfleet, how ever there are other instances where the device is suspected to have been used.

The Ohio Fires a EWT-II From her aft torpedo bay…

…The EWT-II phase shifts temporarily…

…The First Expansion wave forms, and then Collapses back in on itself…

The Second Expansion wave forms, and expands out word obliterating everything in its path
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