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Transphasic Warhead

Like the advanced ablative armor matrix, the transphasic torpedoes were given to Voyager's crew by a future version of the ship's own captain. Even though the ship lacked any access to a spacedock or outside support of any kind, it was still a relatively quick procedure to prepare the weapons systems for these devices. At time of writing Starfleet has had little chance to asses the technology, but Voyager used several of them during combat with the Borg when returning to Earth and they were massively effective on this occasion. Voyager was able to destroy a Borg cube with two hits, and a second with only a single hit.

The Transphasic enters a state of flux once fired, operating under the same principle as the experimental Phase Cloak

The Transphasic for a time seemed to obliterate any potential Borg Threat that the federation might face. By 2378 nearly every ship in the federation fleet was equipped with this advanced technology, and the Transphasic torpedo was hailed as the greatest advance since the development of the photon torpedo. How ever when the Borg Launched their initial attack on the Federation in 2383, they had developed a means to resist the devastating power of the Transphasic weapon, leaving the federation to fight a loosing war.

The Transphasic Torpedo was initially very successful against the Borg, how ever the collective adapted to the technology through means which are still not clear

The Transphasic torpedo remains in service on most vessels and stations with in the federation, and is used at the discretion of the commanding officer to compliment other munitions. There have been attempts by Starfleet R&D to improve upon the design of the Transphasic torpedo, how ever these attempts have not yet yielded applicable results. There are no plans to remove the Transphasic Torpedo from service.
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