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Tricobalt Device

The tri cobalt device was the first torpedo weapon in Starfleet. These weapons proved very effective against unshielded targets, but rather ineffective against shields. The torpedo also lacked the range Starfleet wanted, thus, they began developing the Photon torpedo. Once the Photon torpedo was in service, the tri cobalt torpedo was removed from Starfleet ships. A few were left aboard ships and used primarily as demolition weapons. Currently in it's 26th version, the tri cobalt is a very powerful weapon when used against unshielded targets.

With a maximum yield of 22,000 TeraCochranes, the device is powerful enough to tear subspace (this can be done with a yield of 18,000 TeraCochanes or higher). However Starfleet doesn't consider these subspace weapons, which are banned by the second Khitomer Accords. With the resent conflicts with the Borg and Dominion, tri cobalt torpedoes have been re-add to Starship torpedo inventories, even though their arsenals are more impressive then ever with Photon and Quantum torpedoes standard on all ships, with some also carrying powerful and Hellfire and Transphasic torpedoes.
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