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Gettin the band back together
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2014-04-29 06:12:15
anyone else interested in trying to get the old girl back on her feet? I expect to have some more time in the future, and I'd like to think the Detta has more left in her.
Roll Call Ending 13/09/07
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2013-08-31 20:29:05
Hey Guys, so this is probably long overdue, but I'd like to get the Vendetta back on her feet, I think there's still life in the old girl, god knows I still have ideas for missions, and more content than I know what to do with. If you're interested in coming back, toss up a response in the roll call area on the board. If you have questions give me a holler, PM, email, I'll get back to you.

Active Characters:
Estimated Available activity (Posts/Week):
Roll Call ending by 1-31-12
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2012-01-17 07:56:44
Alright Guys, first things first, as of now there is a fleet wide roll call in effect, this is being posted across all ships so that anyone interested in remaining active/returning to activity has proper notice and the opportunity to do so. Given how long overdue this is, you will have two weeks to respond to this roll call on the boards (1/17/12 to 1/31/12). Please include the following information

Active Characters:
Positions of interest:
Estimated Available activity (Posts/Week):

For active characters, please list characters you intend to keep going into the next mission on the Vendetta/characters you would like to bring to the Vendetta from other ships. If you wish to maintain your existing characters on their current ships once they are transitioned EFFs you will be free to do so, but that does not need to be reflected here.

Positions of interest should be pretty straight forward, what would you like to do, again on the Vendetta. Other ships will be handled separately. For now I°Įm going to restrict people to one senior staff position and up to 3 junior office/enlisted positions, depending on interest shown in returning this may change.

Please be realistic in your estimate, we can all say we°Įre going to post ten times a week, that doesn°Įt make it true. I°Įd just like to get an idea of where we°Įll be as a fleet starting next mission.

Now onto how things will be handled next mission. As I stated above positions are open to all interested personnel. You may hold one senior staff position and up to 3 junior office/enlisted positions. Each character should have a biography in line with the seniority of the desired position, so no big changes there. I will work with you guys to hammer out a system for posting going forward to avoid confusion related to posts featuring multiple characters written by the same person.

If you guys have questions/comments please post them in the Fleet Announcements thread as I°Įd like to keep the roll call thread as clear of derails as possible. With any luck I°Įll be able to bring in some fresh meat in the next few weeks, and we can get the old girl back on her feet!
Mission 16
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2009-07-29 22:32:01
I've started mission 16, and plan to depart shortly, please repost all standing tags and start to rap up your activities so we can start the mission!
R and R and Mission 16
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2009-07-05 17:11:14
We will have a week of R and R from Sunday the 5th to Sunday the 12th followed by a brief intro to the mission, and then right onto mission 16, Phantom. Congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Adrian Thuzzle, who received the Simmer of the mission title for mission 15!

New Forums
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2008-11-15 22:40:51
Well itís been more than a month but we finally have our new forums up and operational. I would like all members to register on our new forums, You will find that the forums are structured very similar to our previous boards, with a few missing threads, and no posts. The cost of moving all the data and acquiring software to make our new boards compatible with our old posts was prohibitively expensive. I will be working with several other admins to migrate as many of our old IC posts as possible to the new boards. Please donít hesitate to start up old threads or resurrect old topics.

In order to facilitate a smooth and rapid return to activity there will be a fleet wide roll call in effect starting now, and ending on the 23rd. All members will need to create an account on the new forums, and post a response in the appropriate roll call thread on the board or they will be removed. You should set up your account exactly as it appeared on the old forum, including your signature. If you wish to change your handle, please PM me to let me know that youíve made the transition under a new name. If you have any questions, I can still be reached on the old forum Via PM or via Email at any time (

Please also take some time to familiarize yourself with our boards new features, you should find that our new forums are somewhat more user friendly. I will be posting the first post for mission 14 tonight, and expect the other captains to follow suit in returning to activity as soon as possible. Hopefully this down time has left you refreshed and eager to get back in the game!

-Robert Morris EFCO
Forum Transition
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2008-09-24 22:12:53
Attention all members, effective October Second 2008 the current fleet forums will be shut down for data migration. All posts and user information will be migrated to the new forums, and posting will resume on the new boards within one week. In an attempt to insure that all members move promptly to the new boards a fleet wide roll call will go into effect starting the day the activation of the new forums and ending one week from that day. Additional information on the Roll Call procedure will be posted throughout the fleet sites and the new forums once the new forums are online. Let me be clear now that failure to respond to this Roll Call will result in removal from the Fleet regardless of position, there will be no exceptions. If you have any questions, please post them in the relevant thread in the Forum announcements section of the current forum, and one of the Admins will promptly respond to you.

It is my goal to have this transition go as smoothly as possible, I will continue to post regular updates as we come closer to the transfer day, as well as once the new forums are online. Once again, if you have any questions, please post them in the appropriate thread.

Robert Morris
A brief Announcement
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2008-04-22 18:36:30
Recently, an item was brought to my attention of some concern. We have had a very tenuous relationship at times with other fleets, and so if anyone within the fleet attempts to recruit you for a ship outside of the fleet, please inform myself or the EFXO immediately. We are a small organization with a limited member base, and while there are no restrictions place on simming with another fleet, recruiting directly from within our member base is not acceptable.

Weíve come a long way, and I firmly believe that Expedition Fleet is here to stay; we have a proud history, and a bright future,

Robert Morris
Roll Call 3/28/08-4/4/08
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2008-03-28 18:30:30
Alright, This roll Call will Be somewhat different from any of our previous Roll Calls, In addition to Responding to this threat I want every active member of the SIM to update their Bios. For our two new Members, James and Conrad the Bio Requisite will be dropped.

Many of you joined this SIM when we were still in FE and your BIOs have become out of date, so in an effort to improve the over all quality of the SIM I would like to rectify that problem now.

Please PM me once you have modified your BIO, and don't try to just PM me with out making any changes, I have ways of finding out.

So, the Format for this Roll Call will be as Follows:

In this threat

Char Name:
Any Additional Comments:

IN your PM TO me:

A brief overview of the changes you made to your BIO
Any Private comments you have for me regarding anything related to the SIM

I will be fairly lenient in allowing you to complete your BIO modifications for a few days after the Roll Call has ended, Do not take advantage of this, if you have time constraints that make updating your BIO impossible that's one thing, if you're just being lazy that's another.

Congratulations on the last 3 Missions, I am extremely happy with the direction the SIM is taking, lets continue that progress into Mission 11!
We're Back
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2007-12-29 21:46:34
The Vendetta is officially back from Hiatus, or as I like to call it, the holiday nap.

I was pleased that many of you continued to post actively through out the down time, and look forward to continuing with the mission.

I hope you all had a happy holidays, and now that we're back in full swing...POST!
Wrapping the Mission
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2007-10-22 09:51:32
Well we're coming to that point in the mission where the arks are beginning to whined down. The central ark of the mission has been concluded, and I would like all the various sub arks in place to wrap as well. My goal is to get the ship to the Aurora by Saturday to officially conclude the mission, and begin a stint of R&R.

In order to accomplish this the following people need to post wrapping their respective arks so that the mission may progress.

CIO Needs to post
Raid Needs to post
Fighters Need to post
MXO Needs to post
Boris Needs to post

This is a list of people who I would like to post, but the Mission wrapping does not hinge on them:


Also, during the coming leave we will be having a brief memorial service on earth for the late Captain Biessman, I encourage you all to come.

We will be spending approximately two to three weeks on R&R depending on how things go.

-The Master Chief
Re: Resignation
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2007-09-03 06:36:04
At this point, Reports of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated,

I was under a lot of pressure the other day, and it finally got to me in the forum of my full retirement from something which is with out a doubt very important to me. Things have not been easy as of late, and there is a distinct possibility that they will not get easier any time soon.

How ever it is clear that a full resignation of my position is not the appropriate coarse of action. I discussed a change in the detta earlier, a change that will now more then likely effect the entire fleet. This change will hopefully be for the better.

I will be returning to EF at the end of this week, until then it will be up to all of you to keep the fleet going. I do a lot of work, but I'm one person, and when you get right down to it, it's all of you that make this fleet great.

I am confidant that while this period of change will be difficult, we will push through it, and the fleet will be stronger for it.

I will return 9/8/07

I expect the fleet to be here when I get back

-Robert Morris
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2007-09-01 11:28:07
Attention members of Expedition Fleet,
I will no longer be able to effectively maintain my position as the head of our esteemed simming institution. Because of Expedition fleets unique nature there is no apparent second in command at this time, however I feel that if there is any officer suited to this position it would be the CO of the Broadsword.

At this point I am unsure of what will happen to my creation. All I can do is hope that somehow it will continue to exist. I will how ever no longer take part in any fleet activities, and as such will need to resign all my current positions.

Good luck to you all in your missions, and god speed in your lives, it has been an honor and a privilege to get to know you all.

-Robert Morris
Mission 8
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2007-08-25 11:28:26
Alright guys, mission 8 is off to an amazing start! There will have how ever be a few changes to insure that we do not have a repeat of the last mission, as well as to the way I run the sim.

Since school has started, and I just moved into my new dorm, I will more then likely not be as aggressive in the way I run the sim. I was hoping to have a quick mission, and then jump right into R&R, how ever I think it would be beneficial to let mission 8 run out at itís own pace. This means that I will not be chasing you down, and screaming at you to post. Iím hoping you guys will visit the forums on a regular basis, and that the sim will continue to flourish.

I will how ever still drop the occasional reminder to post, as I have done in the past, for those of you who have issues with the forum email system.

Iím hoping that this change will be for the better, and that it will serve to enrich the quality of the story, and improve the mission as a whole.

-Robert Morris
Expedition Fleet Recruitment
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2007-07-25 15:58:11
I would like to kick off the first of many major recruitment pushes for Expedition Fleet. Iím asking you as members to introduce EF to your friends and coworkers. Anyone who might be interested in simming is welcome in our community. If you want to post banners or recruit through forums make sure you have the permission of the admins to do so, and do so in a tasteful manor. If you are looking for recruitment resources, such as banners or images, they will be available on the EF forum shortly.

I appreciate every effort that any one makes to help increase our size. If you have questions, suggestions or comments please post them on the forum.

-Robert Morris
Roll Call 7/24 to 7/31
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2007-07-24 17:39:14
This message is to notify every one that there will be a roll call taking place between the 24th and the 31st. To fulfill the requirements you must respond to the roll call in the roll calls thread on the forum.

You must also make one IC post with in that time. Failure to comply with either of these two requirements will result in removal from the sim.

Get back to the Roll call, and lets make mission 8 rock
Mission Problems
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2007-05-15 12:35:02
Alright every one, I want to know has the shit hit the fan with this mission?

I'd like to have some closure, but if no body likes it, or every one feels it's way too out there then it may come down to ending the mission early.

it's really up to you, so many of you are LOA or have just dropped off the face of the earth that I'm not sure who's still out there, just get back to me at some point and let me know what you think in the OOC area on the forums
Mission Split
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2007-04-01 18:59:27
Combat is quickly drawing to a close, and as such Im going to soon move us on to the next phase of the mission. Every one should read and respond to the following OOC announcement of the forum:

OCC Announcement
Crew restructuring
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2007-02-20 17:41:55
at the end of mission 7 there will be a crew restructuring based both on several criteria. The criteria will be weighted as follows:

General quality of posts
Whether the simmer keeps up with the plot
Whether the simmer actively contributes to the sim
Quality of the Simmers Biography
overall number of posts

For most simmers this restructuring will not effect their position, how ever there will be some changes, and while the restructuring may not result in removal, reductions in rank and position may take effect.

-Robert Morris EF CO
Back Online!
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2007-01-31 20:19:36
OK ladies and gents as of right now the USS Vendetta is back to operational status! Lets go out there and kick some ass!
10 Days to the Relaunch
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2007-01-21 09:31:18
Attention Member of Expedition Fleet

Expedition fleet will officially be going active once again on February 1st 2007. For Members of the Vendetta, we will be started at the same point we left off in Mission 07. I have opened the OOC board on the EF forum for any one who has questions about the current standing in the mission. You may also contact me with any questions you have. At this point the plan is, go back, find your last post before we went on Hiatus. If you have any standing tags (tags which were never answered) please repost them, other wise, weíre going to have to slowly get back on track.

I encourage every one to make contact with me at some point in time so I know you in fact plan on coming back, or do not plan on returning so I can put the necessary mechanisms into place.

I know itís been a long time, but together if we make the effort we can make this ship great again. I have tremendous faith in all of you, and I thoroughly hope to see each and every one of you out there, getting back into the mission.

Robert Morris

Ship on Hiatus
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-10-14 11:49:09
Effective immediately until February first I am putting the Vendetta on Hiatus. Because of time constraints on my end and because of a general lack of activity I have decided to suspend the ship until I can dedicate the appropriate amount of time to maintain the sim.

Pleas feel free to continue to make use of the EF board how ever posting will be suspended until my return.

-Robert Morris
Vendetta Co
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-07-28 13:58:53
My computer is down, as in compleatly dead, I have no idea when or how often I will be able to post, or if I will be able to get onto IM

so for my loyal DETTA and BIG R compatriots keep going I will try to stick with you until I have suffiaciantly Made HP suffer

avenge me!

I hope to post some time today

I'm on the families computer for now
I\'m LOA
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-07-07 14:06:05
Iím going to be LOA for the next week or so, so to all applicants thatís why you arenít getting a response regarding your BIOs

As for the rest of the Crew, I would tell you all to post, but I shudder to think what would happen to the story if you all posted. When I get back from LOA I will put us at grant and move the story from there.

Good luck, god speed, and please donít do anything stupid

Your friend and mine,

The sim, she is a changin\'
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-06-28 21:47:28
Alright, a new announcement going out, we are once again sans XO on the Vendetta, so the hunt is on once more. In other news, the Security & Tactical department is not long for this sim. I have decided that in the absence of a seasoned simming veteran the duel role of security tactical head the department should be split down the middle. Our current CSTO will remain onboard and take command of the newly spawned tactical division while the security division will be opened for future applications. This is being done for two reasons, the first being that the CSTO position is among the most important on this sim, and to have one officer handling both divisions is straining and the loss of such an officer could prove crippling to a mission if not the sim itself, so to prevent a complete paralysis the responsibilities will be split. Secondly the splitting of security and tactical into two departments increases the Vendettaís Growth potential. I believe that this decision is the right one, and hope to have the department divided on the site before the week is out.

-Robert Morris

Vendetta CO


[Message appears on EF forum for debate/discussion]
Hard times
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-06-15 18:22:40
The Vendetta has, with out question come upon hard times. Weíve lost two of our most seasoned players in less then a month, and have been loosing people slowly but surely for the past three months. It has come to the point where we are no longer able to carry out a mission, because we lack players in vital positions. Other players simply sit, and do nothing. People have left for a number of reasons, some decently didnít have the time, and needed to go, others had trouble keeping up, but they are people that we needed, and now theyíre gone. This is in no small part my fault. I have failed as a captain, and as a recruiter, to bring in the numbers needed to keep this sim a float. There was a time, when we had nearly thirty members, now, we are down to a hand full of regulars. It is not fair to those players who make the effort to come to the forums every day, and do post. At this point I must apologize for the failures which have brought us to this level.

As much as I have tried, and despite all the effort I have put into this sim, it continues to fail, and for the first time in a year, I am not sure she can be recovered.

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided, if the sim can not be salvaged with in one month, it is not worth the effort any longer. If the Vendetta continues to fail to draw crew, I will be forced to shut the sim down indefinitely.

Robert Morris
CO USS Vendetta
The future of the Vendetta
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-05-30 19:39:59
As of late posting on the Vendetta has been on the decline. Some members of the sim have been putting in their best, but others have fallen behind, others barely post at all, and when they do, itís a half ass piece of crap. For those who are giving 100% and making good posts then I am sorry for this, you donít have to worry about this, but others have sat in positions weather they be senior staff or junior officers, taking up valuable positions, and then sitting on there hands doing nothing.

At this point I see that I no longer have an option in terms of what must be done. From this point forward every one will have one week to email me to let me know if they will be staying on the ship. I am PMing every one this message as well. Every one has to respond to this, LOA or not. If you want to stay more power to you, but you must be able to give this ship, and the simmers who are a part of it the time they deserve. Failure to respond by June 7th will result in removal from the sim.

Iíve debated doing something like this for a very long time, but Iíve realized that those donít want to stay wonít and those who do stay will be better off for this.

You have a week.

-Robert Morris CO USS Vendetta

Expedition Fleet CO
Roll Call & New forums
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-04-28 18:19:26
The Vendetta forums are moving!

At the end of this mission the Vendetta forums will be moving to a new location. As some of you may have noticed former has not exactly been stable as of late. At the end of this mission we will be moving posting to the new board

I want every one to have made an account by may 6th. Since Iím treating this as a roll call failure to make an account will result in removal from the sim

If you have questions post them in the roll call thread do not reply to this email

-the CO
posting rankings
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-03-26 16:21:45

go there to see how you rank in terms of posting against your fellow members of the vendetta
Forums are up!
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-02-16 19:37:44
as quickly as they went down they are back up, we have forums again, and the CEO and COO need to post, that right you made it into the anouncments, so post!

also the CFCO needs to redo his last post

-the CO
The Vendetta goes forums
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-01-16 20:45:21
I have decided to move posting fully to the Forum, all ship activity is to be conducted through the forum, and well the IC group will be left as a testament to missions past it will no longer be used [like the old OOC group]. I hope the change goes smoothly.

To help things along, if you in your last post had tags that have yet to be answered I ask that you repost that post in its entirety in the IC thread so that we have some sense of continuity.

If you have any questions PM, IM, or mail me,

-the CO
Roll Call
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-01-08 22:16:04
There is a roll call now in effect click the fallowing link for instructions:
Do the split!
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2006-01-02 11:57:12
There has been a split, again, the science department will retain all positions how ever we now have a Field Research and Study department which will be headed up by the former ACSO. If you have any questions let me know

The CO
Time off
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-12-23 08:24:13
As of right now until dec 29th the Vendetta is preaty much LOA enjoy the holiday spend time with your family, we`ll be here when you get back to finish mission 5

-the CO
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-11-20 10:41:47
Ok I am compleatly redoing our ranks. Over the next few days all rank images will be down, I hope to have all the new ranks up by next week end, but we`ll have to see how much work this is going to be

-the CO
roll call [terminates 10/21/05]
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-10-16 01:47:12
ok to make the transition into the forums more smooth I need the fallowing things to happen

every one must creat an acount on the forum, and make their signature the signature they use when posting, you can toss in a quote at the end if you want and an image

also you should fill in your contact information so that the ship can stay in contact.

for those of you with out an acount please make one here:

this is not the normal roll call you will need to respond a little differantly

I want all active members of the vendetta to have done the fallowing things by friday [so you have a week to get this done]

1) if you haven`t already make your forum acount and fill in the various fields

2) PM me [alfaforce5] on the forums with your charachters name your rank and your position so I would send in

Rick Biessman Commander commanding officer

3) when I get the PM from you I will send you one back letting you know I have you marked as having had responded

I will be treating this as a role call so even if you allready have an acount you should still PM me

that way by friday when the mission starts you will be right on track, and after our next mission moving IC posting should be extreamly easy

if you have any questions you can post them here or you can allways feel free to IM me.

-the CO

promotion time
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-08-29 06:36:53
ok my promotion still hasn`t come through, but its nearing the end of the mission, and promotions are now on there way, right now it looks like LT JG Torch, LT JG Misilo, FL kramer, and ensign lane.

this is not writen in stone and things can change if my promotion comes through a lot can change. If you have any questions post in the OOC group. with any luck my promotion will come through and there will be more room for advancment.

If you feel you deserve a promotion and weren`t listed here please post on the OOC group.

-the CO
Roll call
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-08-12 04:07:45
ok my last announcement was a tad confusing. You are suposed to get back to the roll call, just dont reply directly to this post, I want you to post in the OOC group with your roll call info.

sry about that

-the CO
Role call
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-08-12 03:53:33
For the tirst time the vendetta is havinga role call. Do not respond to this post in the OOC group. Failure to post before 8/17/05 [unless on LOA] will result in removal from the sim.

-the CO
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-08-03 02:59:32
I have noticed that some people have taken LOA`s with out making a request. I want to let you know as long as the reason is good I will grant you an LOA, but you need to make an OOC post letting people know that you will be ON LOA. Please if you have to go away for any reason at all let us know.

-the CO
Promotion torpedo
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-07-30 22:29:55
its that time again as the mission begins to draw to a close the promotion torpedo comes out. Right now the CMO MCO and the CIS are looking at a promotion to their next respective rank. this does not mean that no one else will get hit. More then likely if your department head gets a promotion then you will to. I would like to keep it that the department heads out rank there staff by atleast one rank.

I would like the department heads to get promotion recomendations to be by the end of next week

-the CO
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-07-21 02:26:35
James Doohan, better known to us in the Trek universe as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, has died at the age of 85.

How to sum up what Doohan/Scotty mean to me? He`s probably going to be remembered for that single scene where he calls up to Kirk as the Enterprise roars through space at warp factor 10, issuing the plaintive cry "Captain, she`ll not take much more o` this!" And to be honest that`s the first image that comes to mind when I think of Scotty, the chief engineer who would practically be in tears at the treatment of "me poor bairns!"

But Scotty was so much more than that. Sulu and Chekov were the kids of the Enterprise bridge; they were having the time of their lives and it showed. Spock was the mind, Bones was the heart, Kirk was the hero... but Scotty, Scotty was the old uncle, a voice of reason wise in the ways of the galaxy. He was the one that made sure the shop was minded properly while the others went out and had the fun. Beyond his classic engine worries, the line I always associate with him comes from "A Private Little War". Scotty is in command of the ship, and has spent hours tracking down a false distress signal. When another signal comes in, the junior officers suggest going to check it out, just in case. "Fool me once, shame on you," Scotty retorts. "Fool me twice - Shame on me!"

Or remember "A Taste of Armageddon"? When Ambassador Fox, a civilian, has the gall to order Scotty around on the bridge... and Scotty simply flatly refuses. No histrionics, no arguing the point, just "No sir." That was Scotty in a nutshell.

Little wonder that so many people looked up to the character. When he was awarded an honorary doctorate in Engineering by the Milwaukee School of Engineering, no less than half the students said that watching Scotty had inspired them to take up engineering. There are literally tens of thousands of engineers out there right now, in part because of Scotty and the man who played him.

In real life, Doohan was as much of a hero as his alter-ego. Keep a close eye on Scotty`s hands next time you see him - now and again you can see that Doohan was missing a finger. He lost it on the first morning of the D-Day landings, where he was serving as a captain in the Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment. His aerobatic exploits included almost crashing his plane in Holland while "taking a look" at a German U-boat, earning him the title "craziest pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force".

After the war he got into acting; he worked in over 4,000 radio programmes and 400 television shows in his native Canada before moving to Hollywood. His contribution to Star Trek extended far beyond just playing Scotty; something of an expert with voices, he provided the voice for literally dozens of different roles. He invented the Klingon and Vulcan languages used in The Motion Picture; Marc Okrand used the sounds Doohan invented as the basis of his Klingon language.

In all he fathered no less that seven children, the last when he was 80 years old!

Truly he will be missed. Scotty, beam me up...
for our n00bs
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-07-19 08:50:12
ok for our n00bs if you are a member of the vendetta and want to stay that way join the fallowing yahoo groups:


if you don`t join with in the next week I will remove you from the sim,

-the CO
time line
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-07-14 19:32:13
ok for players new to FE it is important to know two things

first this is the fe time line:

also we do not post on the site we post in yahoo groups so i will be sending you the invitations to the groups shortly
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-07-07 01:17:12
Ok I have made a few new entries in the Database.

We now have a new specks page, andour MSD.

If you have and idea for database feel free to make a post on the OOC group about it.

-The CO
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-06-26 07:14:50
IF you are a member of this sim you are required to be a member of these two yahoo groups

we are now in need of a new CEO as well as many other senior staff positions. Any one that knows some one interested in joining please refer them to me.

we are in need of a good CEO preferably this time. I clearly made a mistake in not giving the role of ceo to some one who is some what responsable. again if you know of any one interested in joining a sim plese reffer them to me.

-the CO
by Captain Rick Biessman
on 2005-06-13 23:04:29
Welcome to the vendetta

we are going through a refit, and hope to have the site up compleatly by the end of the month

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