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Gettin the band back together
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2014-04-29 06:12:15
anyone else interested in trying to get the old girl back on her feet? I expect to have some more time in the future, and I'd like to think the Detta has more left in her.
Roll Call Ending 13/09/07
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2013-08-31 20:29:05
Hey Guys, so this is probably long overdue, but I'd like to get the Vendetta back on her feet, I think there's still life in the old girl, god knows I still have ideas for missions, and more content than I know what to do with. If you're interested in coming back, toss up a response in the roll call area on the board. If you have questions give me a holler, PM, email, I'll get back to you.

Active Characters:
Estimated Available activity (Posts/Week):
Roll Call ending by 1-31-12
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2012-01-17 07:56:44
Alright Guys, first things first, as of now there is a fleet wide roll call in effect, this is being posted across all ships so that anyone interested in remaining active/returning to activity has proper notice and the opportunity to do so. Given how long overdue this is, you will have two weeks to respond to this roll call on the boards (1/17/12 to 1/31/12). Please include the following information

Active Characters:
Positions of interest:
Estimated Available activity (Posts/Week):

For active characters, please list characters you intend to keep going into the next mission on the Vendetta/characters you would like to bring to the Vendetta from other ships. If you wish to maintain your existing characters on their current ships once they are transitioned EFFs you will be free to do so, but that does not need to be reflected here.

Positions of interest should be pretty straight forward, what would you like to do, again on the Vendetta. Other ships will be handled separately. For now IĄŻm going to restrict people to one senior staff position and up to 3 junior office/enlisted positions, depending on interest shown in returning this may change.

Please be realistic in your estimate, we can all say weĄŻre going to post ten times a week, that doesnĄŻt make it true. IĄŻd just like to get an idea of where weĄŻll be as a fleet starting next mission.

Now onto how things will be handled next mission. As I stated above positions are open to all interested personnel. You may hold one senior staff position and up to 3 junior office/enlisted positions. Each character should have a biography in line with the seniority of the desired position, so no big changes there. I will work with you guys to hammer out a system for posting going forward to avoid confusion related to posts featuring multiple characters written by the same person.

If you guys have questions/comments please post them in the Fleet Announcements thread as IĄŻd like to keep the roll call thread as clear of derails as possible. With any luck IĄŻll be able to bring in some fresh meat in the next few weeks, and we can get the old girl back on her feet!
Mission 16
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2009-07-29 22:32:01
I've started mission 16, and plan to depart shortly, please repost all standing tags and start to rap up your activities so we can start the mission!
R and R and Mission 16
by Commodore Sayid Jarrah
on 2009-07-05 17:11:14
We will have a week of R and R from Sunday the 5th to Sunday the 12th followed by a brief intro to the mission, and then right onto mission 16, Phantom. Congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Adrian Thuzzle, who received the Simmer of the mission title for mission 15!


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