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Biographical Entry
Second Lieutenant Dieter Huxley
non-player character

General Information
Name Dieter (Rowdy) Huxley
Position Day light Squadron Pilot
Rank Second Lieutenant
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 22
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 10"
Weight 168 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Description Dieter is of average height which is ideal for a fighter pilot spending hours in the cockpit of a small craft. He keeps his hair cut short and is clean shaven.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Dieter has three levels of friends, each level being a deeper friendship and a higher level of trust. The first level is casual acquaintances; those he knows but rarely interacts with. The second level includes most his family and co-workers as well as a few others; people he not only knows but interacts with on a regular basis. The third and smallest level, are those he trusts implicitly. Between each level are a few people who dont quite fit into a specific level.
Dieter is not afraid to let a subordinate know they are not performing their task correctly, if it will cause major problems; if there is little harm in letting them make a mistake, he will usually keep quite and let them learn from their mistake. If disagreeing with another officer Dieter will let them know but tries to do so in a respectful way. While not an extrovert, Dieter isnt completely withdrawn either when it comes to social interaction.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dieter likes to have as much information as possible before starting a task which can be both a strength and weakness.
Hobbies & Interests Shuttle Racing, rock climbing
Languages Federation Standard
Dieter was born on SB-G6 near the Betazed homeworld in 2388 along with his twin sister Shawna, to William and Janessa Huxley. William was an engineering officer while Janessa was part of the stations medical staff. In August 2390, the starbase was evacuated as the Borg onslaught continued. Partly due to the actions of Lt. George Troy, the Huxley family moved to the Byzantium, where Dieter would spend most of his childhood.
Father Capt. William Huxley (60)- CO USS Valley Forge Protected NPC, contact LT Troy for additional information
Mother Dr. (Cmdr.) Janessa Huxley (Greene) (54)- CMO USS Valley Forge
Spouse N/A
Brothers Nathan Huxley (14)
Sisters Shawna (23) Katelyn (12)
Other Relatives Half Sister- Cmdr. Sarah (Huxley) Heffron (39)- XO/CIO USS Valley Forge, Brother in law- PO1 Albert Heffron COO(41), USS Valley Forge, Uncles: Commodore Michael Huxley SB 19, Lt. Cmdr. Travis Greene (36) Chief Sec/Tac- USS Antietam, Aunts: Cmdr. Carley (Greene) Lossing (43) XO- USS Merrimack, Col Kirsten (Huxley) Brady (52), Marine CO DS 15,Captain Samantha (Huxley) McBride (62), XO USS Chattanooga
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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