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Biographical Entry
Lieutenant Commander Alex Davidson
non-player character

General Information
Name Alex Mills Davidson
Position Second Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 28
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 7"
Weight 170 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Description Alex is a very fit attractive individual. He’s worked hard to keep himself in shape, and takes great pride in his appearance both professionally and socially.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Alex is a very easy going guy, he likes to kick off his shoes and relax when he’s not on duty. He strongly adheres to the saying all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This attitude has landed Alex in the Brig on more than one occasion; however no formal charges have been filed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alex is a tactical genius, he sees opportunities for victory in almost every situation, and is familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of nearly all the major star ship designs operating within the alpha quadrant.

Alex’s social nature often comes into conflict with his duties, and has lead to problems on some of his previous assignments.
Ambitions Alex hopes to serve in Starfleet until the end of the War with the Cardassians. He has no strong desire to take command of a vessel.
Hobbies & Interests Alex has always been fascinated by the great battles of the world wars. He studied history with great zealous throughout his time at the academy, and committed many of the strategies and tactics of the time to memory. He has set about restoring a P-51 Mustang in his Home in Jackson Hole Wyoming.
Languages Federation Standard
Alex was born on the DR-32 Yards in the midst of the Borg War. His father an enlisted man worked on the Docks, while his mother, a former school teacher, raised him and his older brothers Michael and Antony. As a child Alex knew that his father was doing important work, but his family was reluctant to explain the dangers of living on a Federation instillation during a time of war.

Eric was seldom home with his sons during the first years of their lives, but when he did find time he would share stories passed down about his family’s service in the great wars. Alex was raised to have a great sense of honor, and duty, but he often questioned why he could never leave the Yards to go see the galaxy and the planet he had heard so much about. At the age of 14 his parents told him why they had to remain hidden on the yards. Alex immediately enlisted into service in the Yards to work side by side with his father on the vessel they hoped would be the saving grace of the Federation, the USS Aurora.

Only 2 months after he set to work on the Aurora word was received that the Borg had been vanquished, the Federation had won the war! Alex decided that he wanted to help rebuild the Galaxy that as a child he could never see. He went to see the local Starfleet draft officer about formally enlisting in the Fleet, but his father intervened, he was confident that Alex could be an officer, and four years later Alex entered the academy, the first member of his family to do so in nearly 80 years.

Alex found it hard to transition from life on the yards to the environment at the academy. On the yards the majority of the officer core had been critically wounded and while order was maintained many of the formalities of the Federation had been lost. Eric slowly became accustomed to this new way of doing things, and graduated from the academy in 2408.

He was immediately assigned to the USS Notre Dame, as the chief tactical officer. As the Federation once again geared up for war Alex became more and more familiar with life aboard a federation star ship, and while he frequently returned home to spend time with his family.

In 2411 the Notre Dame was destroyed, and Alex was transferred to the USS Vendetta where he assumed the Position of chief tactical officer. His first mission onboard the Vendetta was a difficult. The ship was assigned to engage a group called Kimira industries, which Alex had only heard of in passing.

As the mission progressed Alex found himself questioning the Captain’s judgment more and more when he ordered the Vessel to back track half way across the Federation after rendezvousing with a Cardassian Galor. While Alex ultimately remained loyal to the Captain, he was forced to once again face tremendous loss as the Vendetta was destroyed at the hands of a Cardassian scarab. Alex did take comfort in spending time with Ensign Adriana Marshal, who he began to form an intimate bond with.
Father Eric [Deceased] 2399 Enlists as a Dock worker - Crewmen
2403 Accepted into Academy – Cadet
2407 Graduated From Academy – Ensign
2407 Assigned to USS Notre Dame – Ensign
2410 Assigned to USS Vendetta – Ensing
2411 Promoted – Lieutenant Junior Grade
2411 Promoted - Full Lieutenant
2411 Promoted - 2nd Executive Officer - Lt Commander
Mother Sidney
Spouse None
Brothers Michael, Antony
Sisters None
Other Relatives None
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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