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Biographical Entry
Fi ta Gul Venok
non-player character

General Information
Name Venok
Position Venok
Rank Fi ta Gul
Species cardassian
Gender male
Age 38
Physical Appearance
Height 6' 5"
Weight 184 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Description Venok has light skin for a Cardassian. He has the usual pronounced Cardassian forehead ridge. Venok has a large scare running down his side gained from a fight with a Jem’hadar during the later dominion war.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Venok’s traumatic experiences have made him extremely bitter. Venok holds a great sense of pride in his Cardassian heritage and is extremely defensive of Cardassia. Venok lives by the Motto “Never give up, never surrender, and you shall win the day”. Venok also holds long standing grudges; it can take him months or even years to forgive something if he does so at all. Venok’s hatred of the federation only grew over time.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions Venok Hopes to retake the Cardassian worlds that he feels rightfully belong to the union. He believes that his campaign will allow him to spread Cardassian influenced through out the quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests
Languages Cardassian
Venok was born and raised on Cardassia prime. His family lived in Qui’ev province. Venok was brought up in wealth his mother was a leader in the field of painting restoration, his father owned a construction firm that produced the mighty Galor class vessel. Venok’s upbringing allowed him to dedicate much of his time to the study of Cardassia’s rich cultural heritage. He learned to paint using traditional pre-Causto period and post revolution styles. He attended the premier art school on Cardassia prime, and was given a certificate of mastery.

Venok was commissioned by the Detopa council to paint the Governmental building for display in the ruling court. It was while working for the council that Venok met Zayel. Zayel was a young law student studying to become a public conservator. The two often talked well Venok worked, discussing their trades. As the two became closer their relationship became more serious, eventually after nearly two years Venok asked Zayel to marry him, she agreed, and a date was set, how ever the Cardassian government was forced to institute a draft when the Dominion war broke out.

Venok could have easily have paid his way out, but his strong sense of duty towards his people forced him to serve. Venok joined the Cardassian officer’s core, how ever he never progressed beyond the lower ranks. When the war began to turn, Venok returned home to find a changed Cardassia. The Dominion had taken their toll, resentment flooded through the Cardassian streets, Damar had established the Cardassian resistance, and the war to liberate his home world was being fought. Venok knew he needed to join his brethren, and take up arms against the Dominion. It was at this point where Venok shined, employing genius strategy to help raid Dominion Depots. Well not assigned the most glorious jobs he gained command of a task force dedicated to hampering Dominion supply lines. On his team’s most difficult mission Venok was attacked by a Jem’hadar who slashed into him leaving a eight in scare down the side of his stomach.

After Many long struggles the Dominion war finally came to an end. Venok returned home to a shattered Cardassia. All his works, his life, and his family were all gone. Venok went to work rebuilding for a month he received no word on Zayel, then the news came. Zayel had tried to flee Cardassia on a civilian freighter. The freighter was attacked by a federation fighter group with a loss of all hands. Venok was enraged. He was devastated beyond words, the one person he had loved was gone, and now what was he to do with his life. Months passed, and one afternoon he was contacted by an agent of the obsidian order. His service to the Cardassian resistance had not gone unnoticed. Venok was offered a high ranking position with in the order. Venok took it desperately wanting a chance to take his revenge upon the Federation. Venok worked tirelessly slowly advancing in the order gaining the respect of his colleagues.

After nearly two months the offer he had been waiting for presented itself. The federation was offering a program to help solidify relations with Cardassia, an officer exchange program. Venok saw this as an opportunity; the best way to attack some one was to first get close to them. Venok was reinstated in the Cardassian peace keeping force with an officer commission and shipped off to federation space to participate in the exchange. Venok’s plans would be cut short with the out break of the Borg war.

Venok fought valiantly to defend Cardassia, fighting with the third and fourth armored brigade. Venok was one of the few military leaders that escaped with the Detopa council. Venok was forced to set his hatred for the Federation aside as the Cardassian union applied for federation membership. Venok knew this truce would not last past the war. With the Borg war behind them the Cardassian’s constructed Lip’vok Nor. Venok was given command where he orchestrated Cardassian operations in the area until the onset of the Cardassian war. His activities and locations since the start of the war have been unknown.
Father Dullar [deceased]
Mother Makbar [deceased]
Spouse None
Brothers None
Sisters None
Other Relatives None living
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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