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Biographical Entry
Captain Rick Biessman

[On Leave of Absence]
General Information
Name Rick John Luke Biessman
Position Former CO
Rank Captain
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 35
Physical Appearance
Height 6' 4"
Weight 180 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Description Tall muscular and has a scare on his right eye.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Rick generally an easy going guy and enjoys relaxing when ever he has free time. How ever as evident by the scar running across his face Rick has a temper, and is never one to back down when he feels he’s right. This attitude has at times led to problems with his superiors and on more then one occasion landed him in the brig. although it has never lead to court-martial or any high level of prosecution it does impair his judgment. Rick is normally to be considered friendly but to end up on his bad side is well difficult a big mistake. He has few people he considers personal enemies, but those he does do their best to avoid him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ricks strength comes from his dedication to the federation.

His principle weakness has allways been a deep rooted fear in the loss of those around him.
Ambitions To aid in the reestablishment of the federation
Hobbies & Interests Rick’s interests range greatly from his love of klingon combat rituals and ceremony to his love of gardening. Rick is extraordinary interested in other cultures outside the federation mainly the klingons and romulans (one of the few classes he passed at the academy being cultural heritage of the foreign powers). His interest in gardening stems from his mother who before joining star fleet was mainly a botanist. Rick is also extremely interested in flight and loves to pilot the latest shuttles. Rick also developed an intrest in dancing, He found it to be an excellent outlet for stress tho it is a very personal hobby, and very few people know that he enjoys it.
Languages federation standard/klingon
Both Rick’s parents were in star fleet. Rick’s mother remained at home well Rick was a child but after some time she returned to active duty. Rick’s father was killed in the line of duty during the dominion war. Rick’s mother could no longer stand life in star fleet and moved to earth at which point she began to drink heavily. Rick, troubled by the fact that his mother had thrown her life away, decided to join star fleet. At 18 he applied to star fleet academy and was rejected. Unfazed by this set back he waited two more years before reapplying. In his first year Rick failed two classes and was nearly expelled. The turning point in his career came when the Borg launched a second invasion the pilot of the Akira class thunder child had been killed and the ship seemed lost. Rick was on a training mission around mars and as he was recalled he intercepted the thunder Childs SOS. Against orders set a course for the thunder child. Upon arrival he took the helm station and in the words of the ships captain "saved all our lives". This act of heroism was enough to save him from expulsion from the academy. After graduation Rick moved on and served in the dominion war. He served on the USS galondon as part of the fleet involved in the taking of cardasia and over the years has become famous for his "fancy flying". Well officially a nav officer he does enjoy piloting shuttles in his spare time and in a pinch can handle a fighter or a shuttle pod. Rick often has trouble with authority how ever this has never directly endangered the lives of his crew members and when the time comes he will do what he feels is right living by the adage "just following orders" is never an acceptable excuse.”

Rick’s time on the devastator served him well and he began to grow into the star fleet officer that the captain on the thunder child believed he could be.

It was during this time that his estranged mother died as well. Her death forced him to deal with those issues surrounding his father’s death. The destruction of the devastator proved especially painful to Rick as he had grown to consider them a second family.

With the destruction of the devastator Rick returned to the academy and trained in the hopes of gaining a command of his own. He saw action in many battles aboard the USS Cannuk. During his time of service aboard the Cannuk he served as the ships tactical officer as well as the ships second executive officer. When the ships Captain was killed in action and the federation could not supply a replacement, Rick took on the duties of first officer as well. Despite the fact that he maintained a good working relationship with the crew of the Cannuk he never had the same feeling of family he had with the devastator. His service in the borg war, and having watched three families break up around him caused him to isolate himself as a measure of protection out of fear that he would lose those closest to him once again. Well on the Cannuk he earned the nick name stone wall Biessman for his actions in defending a star base from borg attack well in command of the Cannuk setting up a defense that was said to be as tough as a stone wall.

He later returned to the academy as an instructor. He found his job preparing new recruits for federation life rewarding, but he missed the excitement of being out in the field. He spent time in counseling sessions working through his grief.

After two years of teaching he was given command of the vendetta. Rick was extatic at the chance to get back out into the real work of the federation. He hoed to have the same bond with his crew that he had, had with the captain of the devastator so many years before.

Rick’s life seemed to fall to pieces after the cardasian boarding of the vendetta. The tremendous losses including the death of his wife and his executive officer both continued to haunt Rick. He feels responsible for the events that lead up to the losses, and fully believes had some one else been in command those people would have survived.
Service Record
2358-2368: various schools through out mars and earth
2369: applied to the academy (rejected)
2371: applied to the academy (approved)
2372-2373: Grades at academy begin to slip recommended for expulsion
2373: during a training mission receives distress call from thunder child rushes to save ship against orders,
2373: brought on for field training by captain of thunder child
2391-2396: returns to academy for additional training to attain command
Career history:
2375-2377 -ensign-Chief flight control officer, USS thunder child
2377-2378 -ensign- Flight control officer, USS Arlington
2378 –ensign- flight control officer, USS Dakota
2378 –ensign- flight control officer, USS Emits
2378-2379 –ensign- Chief flight control officer, USS devestator
2379-2384 – LT. JG.- Chief flight control officer/chief tactical officer, USS devestator
2384-2386 –LT.- Chief flight control officer/chief tactical officer, USS devestator
2386-2390 –LT.- Chief flight control officer/chief tactical officer, USS Cannuk
2397-2399 –LT CMDR- Chief flight control officer/chief tactical officer/second executive officer, USS Cannuk
2399-2401 –LT CMDR- Chief flight control officer/chief tactical officer/executive officer, USS Cannuk
2402-2404 –Lt. CMDR.- Teaches various classes on tactical strategy, academy
2404-2405: -LT. CMDR- CO,USS Vendetta
2405: promoted to Commander
Father Kenn (deceased)
Mother Jane (deceased)
Spouse None
Brothers None
Sisters None
Other Relatives Rick has many various uncle and aunts scattered about the federation. His family being most Starfleet officers slowly spread out over their life times. The crew of the thunder child became a second family the loss of which proved to be very devastating. He still keeps in contact with most of the thunder child crew when he can and is delighted to fid new relatives in strange places. The borg slaughters brought a great cost to the biessman family as many of the planets, and vessels that the biessmans served on were destroyed.. He also quickly became close to the devastator crew including his long time girl friend zialla.
Service In the Dominion war     Service In the Dominion war
Service in the Borg War     Service in the Borg War
Service In the Cardassian War     Service In the Cardassian War
Battle field ingenuity     Battle field ingenuity
Purple Galaxy     Purple Galaxy
Planetary Liberation Medal Of Recognition     Planetary Liberation Medal Of Recognition
Pilots Wings     Pilots Wings
Distinguished Flight Cross     Distinguished Flight Cross
Excellence in simming Award     Excellence in simming Award
Four Completed Mission Award     Four Completed Mission Award
Two Completed Mission Award     Two Completed Mission Award
The Christopher Markon Award For Biographical Excellence     The Christopher Markon Award For Biographical Excellence
Silver Oak Leaf [Six Award recipient]     Silver Oak Leaf [Six Award recipient]
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs
2005-12-22 20:47:07
to romulus
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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