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Biographical Entry
Commodore Sayid Jarrah

General Information
Name Sayid Jarrah
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Commodore
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 36
Physical Appearance
Height 6' 0"
Weight 150 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Description Sayid is in perfect shape. Tall and muscular, Sayid has a commanding figure, and his appearance alone demands respect.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Sayid is a quite man generally maintaining an air of mystery. He is both stubborn, and extremely aggressive. Despite his bullish nature all his previous commanders have given Sayid great praise both as a tactical officer, and as a strategist. Despite his rough exterior Sayid does have a softer side, and is a very compassionate person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sayid’s greatest strength is his tactical genius. His knowledge of military strategy, and the importance of combat readiness.

In a way his stubborn nature is both an asset and a weakness. When Sayid is sure he is right about something he will go to great lengths to see that things are taken care of, how ever this prevents him from seeing other people point of view.
Ambitions Sayid’s greatest ambition is to retire from the federation having made the quadrant safer for those seeking to live in peace.
Hobbies & Interests Sayid is a tactical genius, and enjoys what he refers to as “classical warfare”. He is an expert in ancient battle tactics as well as some alien methods of carrying out war fare. Beyond all else Sayid is fascinated with early 20th century projectile weaponry. An avid collector, Sayid’s collection is filled with hundreds of ancient fire arms.
Languages Federation Standard, Arabic
Sayid was born in Tikrit, a city outside of Baghdad. Sayid’s parents were both proud Starfleet officers, who had met while serving together on the USS Cascadia. Sayid was brought up to follow both the values and teachings of his family, and to uphold his honor.

From the age of six Sayid knew he wanted to be a Starfleet officer, and captain a star ship like his father did. His older brother Tariq had served as profound role model for Sayid. Tariq enlisted in the service rather than take four years to go through the Academy.

As Sayid grew the desire to join Starfleet never faded, however dark times loomed as the signs of the Borg war echoed through the Jarrah home. In a military family no one wanted to talk about the coming days, as the federation massed ships, and prepared for a full out war with the Borg, Sayid could only stand by, and watch over his younger brother Omar, as the rest of his family marched towards war.

The First tragedy came when the ship Tariq served on, the USS Beachcroft, was destroyed by a Borg cube. It seemed as though the entire city mourned the loss of Tariq, but this only drove Sayid further, he was surer than ever that he wanted to join Starfleet.

His stubborn resolve was so strong that in 2390 Sayid was allowed to enter the Academy with the special request on his Father’s part. Sayid served his first years on a cargo freighter, hardly the noble and honorable role he had envisioned, but at least he was serving.

It was on the Craw that he met Loid, a young man who had dropped out of the academy. Loid was fascinated by ancient weapons, and gave Sayid his first projectile weapon, a browning rifle. Sayid became obsessed with ancient weapons, and began to collect weapons from around the quadrant. He and Loid remained friends continuing to try to one up each other with new finds, and ancient relics.

After his time in the academy was up, Sayid was assigned to the USS Allegany a Norway class star ship. He served as a tactical officer, and showed such prowess that he quickly advanced, being promoted to Lt. Jg. within the year.

As Sayid began to become comfortable with the crew several events shocked him. In April 2392 the USS Allegany was destroyed. Sayid was one of four officers to make it off the ship. With the loss of so many of his friends Sayid returned home. After only two days word came in, the USS Arlington had been destroyed with a loss of all hand, among the 1,200 dead Nadia Jarrah, Sayid’s mother. Frantic with grief Sayid returned to Starfleet, and was assigned to the USS Hawthorn.

For the next two years the Hawthorn was Sayid’s refuge from the grief at the loss of so many of his friends, and his mother. Sayid continued to move through the ranks, and as the Captain of the hawthorn put it, “showing his natural killer instinct”

Sayid moved from ship to ship over the course of the Borg war, however in 2398 as the Borg war drew to a close Sayid was once again ravaged by loss. This time the USS Roosevelt was destroyed. Sayid’s father was dead, but rather then fall back into grief, Sayid pushed himself further, and in 2399 Sayid was assigned to the USS Aurora.

The Aurora was far different from anything else Sayid had served on before. More like a floating city, the Aurora was a true behemoth. Tactical was far more challenging when 5 people controlled each section. Sayid pioneered a new system for tactical coordination throughout the ship, earning him tremendous respect from the crew.

In early 2409, Sayid received a transfer order. He was to join the USS Devastator as Chief Tactical security officer. Sayid jumped at the opportunity, and while it meant saying good bye to a lot of people, Sayid was eager for something new.

In 2410 Sayid Jarrah was transferred to the USS Vendetta at the Request of Alex Rosewater on behalf of Kimira Industries. Sayid’s placement aboard the ship coincided with one of the darkest chapters in the vessel’s distinguished career. During their mission to a remote Kimira research station the Vendetta was disabled and the crew was cut off from the rest of the Federation. Kimira operatives abducted Captain Biessman as part of an action that ultimately lead to the officer’s death along with the loss of a number of other personnel aboard the ship. Sayid held himself responsible for the deaths during the operation, and fell into a deep depression.

The loss of so many lives shook Sayid to his core, however he was once again forced into the breach as the Vendetta was redeployed to take part in an operation to recover one of the 4 remaining chaotic devices before the Cardassians could secure them. Throughout most of the Mission Sayid remained dethatched, still feeling responsible for the deaths of the last mission. Refusing to put his crew in harm’s way, Sayid personally oversaw the recovery of the device. He came to see the crew of the Vendetta in a new light, the group stuck together, used their collective strengths and weaknesses to give the ship a fighting chance, even against seemingly impossible odds.

In late 2410 Sayid was ordered to take the Vendetta and lead an assault group and recover the final Chaotic from a Kimira instillation. Forced to once again confront the forces that killed his predecessor Sayid was determined to safeguard the lives of his crew. He took it upon himself to see that the ship and crew were prepared for their engagement with Kimira.

In his frantic efforts to safeguard as many lives as possible Sayid once again withdrew into reclusion from his crew. As the Vendetta moved to engage the Kimira stronghold Sayid received information indicating that there was facility located on the other side of the Federation. Forced with a difficult decision Sayid disobeyed orders and took the Vendetta to secure the new facility.

Sayid was once again forced to make a difficult decision as a Cardassian fleet moved towards the Progenitor Facility Sayid ordered the ship to hold its ground, a decision that ultimately lead to the Destruction of the Vendetta, but may have saved countless others by keeping the Cardassians from reaching the Instillation.
Service Record
2390 - Cadet 1st year: Star Fleet Academy Basic [admitted early authorization Captain Jarrah]
2390 - Cadet 2nd year: Serves on USS Craw
2390 - Cadet 3rd year: Continues term on Craw
2390 - Cadet 4th year: Completion requisite courses
2391 [April] - Ensign: Assigned to USS Allegany [junior tactical officer]
2391 [June] - Ensign: USS Allegany [senior tactical officer]
2392 [January] - Lieutenant Junior Grade: USS Allegany [Assistant Chief Tactical Officer]
2392 [May] - Lieutenant Junior Grade: USS Hawthorn [Junior Security operations Manager + Tactical adviser]
2392 [September] - Lieutenant Junior Grade: USS Hawthorn [Senior Security operations Manager]
2393 [July] - Lieutenant: USS Hawthorn [Chief Security Tactical Officer]
2393 [July] - Lieutenant: USS Douglass [Chief Security Tactical Officer]
2394 [August] - Lieutenant Commander: USS Douglass [Chief Security Tactical Officer + Marine security Coordination manager]
2394 [November] - Lieutenant Commander: USS Douglass [Marine Commanding officer]
2395 [February] - Lieutenant Commander: USS Maddox: [Chief Security Tactical Officer]
2399 - Lieutenant Commander: USS Aurora [Tactical Operations Manager]
2405 - Commander: USS Aurora [Chief Tactical Coordination officer]
2408 - Captain: USS Aurora [Chief Tactical Coordination officer]
2409 - Captain: USS Devastator [Chief Security Tactical officer]
2410 - Captain: USS Vendetta [Mission adviser serving as tactical adviser at the Request of Kimira Industries]
2410 – Fleet Captain: USS Vendetta [Commanding Officer]
2410 - Captain: USS Vendetta [Commanding Officer]
Father Essam [Deceased]
Mother Nadia [Deceased]
Spouse N/A
Brothers Omar, Tariq [Deceased]
Sisters None
Other Relatives Numerous, most serving in Star Fleet, many lost during the Borg war.
Service in the Borg War     Service in the Borg War
Captain Kiro Kramer Medal of Service     Captain Kiro Kramer Medal of Service
Flag Officer Citation of Valor     Flag Officer Citation of Valor
POW Medal Of Recognition     POW Medal Of Recognition
Battle field ingenuity     Battle field ingenuity
Purple Galaxy     Purple Galaxy
Purple Galaxy     Purple Galaxy
Purple Galaxy     Purple Galaxy
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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