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Biographical Entry
Lieutenant Commander Adrian Thuzzle

General Information
Name Adrian Thuzzle
Position Chief Engineering Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 46
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 7"
Weight 183 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Description He seems quite fit, with a slightly sturdy frame. He walks confidently, although from time to time appears a little vacant. When he is not like this, however, he seems very disciplined and knowledgeable.
Personality & Traits
General Overview He is very serious minded about his job, as are many people in this time. He takes orders well, but when suggestions are needed, he’s always got some idea of what to do. Even though he is no longer as wild a character as he was in his youth, he still retains his creativity, adaptability, and ability to think outside the box. He is always, however, friendly, and quite trusting. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Open-minded, dedicated, intelligent, friendly

Weaknesses: Older, Not fully adjusted to the authority granted him
Ambitions To keep as many people alive as possible
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts, Cello, Flying
Languages English, Portguese
Adrian was born in 2365 in Rio de Janeiro, Earth. Living near a scrap yard, and having a civilian engineer for a father, he spent much of his childhood playing around with spare parts, mostly engines. His family fully expected him to become an engineer until he turned 12. That was when he first tried piloting. Flying a scavenged shuttlecraft he and his father had pulled together, Adrian was immediately in love. While his friends spent their time on the sunny beaches of Rio, playing sports and relaxing, he was in the sky above them, soaring in the even sunnier skies. Actually building the engines and craft became secondary to him, except for repairs on the craft he was flying. He was among the last batches of Academy cadets to graduate normally before the fast-track program began to bolster the fleet ranks during the Borg War, as the war had only recently begun when he graduated as a pilot. His first missions, in fact, were routine assignments aboard the USS Canuck, serving as Chief Flight Control Officer. Finally in control of a massive starship, Adrian was living his dream. A passionate and sometimes wild youth, one of the first events aboard the Canuck was when he pulled the ship into a forward flip at full impulse power to avoid another vessel. He was onboard when the ship made historic first contact with the Rethians, and although he personally fought several of them during the first tense encounter, he left with a sense of respect and admiration for the species.

The Borg War grew more intense, however, and soon the young and impulsive Adrian found himself in the middle of large-scale battles against scores of Spheres and Cubes. The Canuck managed to survive several of the major battles in the war, due partly to Adrian’s daring maneuvers, but their good luck did not last forever. They were on a last ditch diplomatic mission to try and gain an extra ally during the Battle of Sol, and as they rushed back to help the defense of Earth, a trio of Spheres suddenly came into sensor range. A desperate battle and a very close escape left the Canuck without most of its major systems, including warp drive and long range communications. The Federation was freshly decimated, and the battle had been so chaotic, nobody even noticed that one ship was missing. Meanwhile, the Canuck had lost several of its officers and most of its engineering department, after coming within inches of a warp core breach. Adrian was reassigned to Engineering due to his prior knowledge of the subject, and he spent the next several years doing frantic reading to catch up with everything he needed to know to get the ship back on its feet. The warp core had been shut down, and they had to rebuild much of it from scratch before they could start it up again. Long range communications, with the half a dozen engineers remaining, took only a year to construct, as first the industrial replicators had to be reconstructed and reprogrammed as well, and so the Federation became aware of their presence. However, as they had few ships left, and certainly no engineers to spare, they sent a small vessel to pick up the crew and left Adrian and a handful of the crew, mostly engineers, to bring the ship home. The XO also stayed, and so they spent the next year or more working steadily, with Adrian’s knowledge of engineering growing every day in his temporary position as CEO. They landed on an uninhabited planet to conduct repairs, and had to hide the ship several times as the last strands of the fleeing Borg Fleet passed overhead. It was in this period of grave seriousness, hard work, and after seeing so much death among his crewmates that Adrian rapidly grew into a more jaded, practical, and serious man. He maintained some of his joviality that he’d enjoyed as a younger man, but life demanded more of him. To this day, he remains a serious man, but he has refused to convert completely, doing completely random things at times in an effort to keep himself from becoming too sane.

Finally, with warp power restored, Adrian and the USS Canuck returned to Earth for the first time since before the Battle of Sol in 2403. They received a warm welcome, although many had forgotten they were even out there, and Adrian was promoted to Lt JG and granted an honorary degree in Engineering from the Academy. He was given 6 months of R&R on Earth to get over the ordeal and to take an extra course in Engineering, as engineers were in short supply at that point. The rest wasn’t just to get over the ordeal of the Canuck, but also, during the Battle of Sol, both of his parents had died.

Until 2410, Adrian worked in the Utopia Fleet Yards before finally being transferred to the USS Vendetta as an official CEO. Now in love again with the task of the engineer, Adrian happily accepted and took the next transport to Earth, where the Vendetta had stopped for a funeral.

On reflection, that should have made Adrian a little more cautious.

Service Record
2365 – Born in Rio de Janeiro, Earth
2383 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2387 – Graduated Starfleet Academy as a pilot
2388 – Assigned to the USS Canuck as CFCO
2403 – USS Canuck suffers near total destruction. Adrian reassigned to Engineering.
2406 – USS Canuck returns to Earth. Promotion to Lt JG. 6 months of R&R.
2407 – Began working in the Utopia Fleetyards
2410 – Reassigned to the USS Vendetta as CEO
2410 – Promoted to Lieutenant
2410 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Father Luis - Deceased
Mother Nicole - Deceased
Other Relatives
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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