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Biographical Entry
Lieutenant Commander Ian Elliot

General Information
Name Ian Richard Elliot
Position Chief Intelligence Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 27
Physical Appearance
Height 6' 1"
Weight 189 lbs.
Eye Color green
Hair Color Brown
Description Ian is a tall man and nicely built. Ian is buff but not super buff like the marine people and all. At first glance its almost impossible not to notice the scar going down the right side of Ians face all the way from the hairline to the chin. Once you get over the Scar Ian is easy to look at and very attractive to the ladies
Personality & Traits
General Overview Ian is very outgoing and makes friends everywhere he goes. Ian loves to play Tennis and often you can find him on a holo deck practicing. Ian is very accepting and grateful and not self centered at all. Ian is a very honorable man to know. After you look at his appearance Ian is almost not what you would have thought at first look but he cares more about other people than himself. Ian loves to fly spacecraft.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ian is strong and can play tennis really well. Ian Excels in the art of shooting ancient guns with pristine accuracy. One Weakness of Ians is that he tends to act first and think later which can be very harmful in some situations. A very good starfighter pilot
Ambitions Ian hopes to become the best of the best of all marines. Ian wants to help train the next generation of Marines.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to play Tennis in spare time.
Loves to shoot Ancient guns.
Interested in sports and other people
Loves to fly small spacecraft
Languages Starfleet basic, some romulan some cardassian
Born on the starship USS Oiden, a galaxy class starship and grew up with his father, Andrew, mother, Mallory, and two younger brothers. At the age of 14 he moved out due to family issues and went to Mars to live with James "buck" Strailine. James was Ian’s uncle who had adopted a different name to further himself from his brother. Before Ian’s time James and Andrew had had a falling out over Starfleet and which brother would get what from their fathers will. His family is origionally from the north of England, specifically the Liverpool area. His brother Benjamin now resides there in a house called "the quarry"

On mars James taught Ian how to shoot guns from the late twentieth century to the twenty second, such as the MM2K sniper rifle and TVVR73 sniper rifle. Of all the guns in his uncle’s collection Ian’s favorite to shoot was a modified VRV311 extending barrel rifle. The gun fired thirty-ought-six rounds and held a standard magazine of 20 rounds. The gun was a semi automatic firearm. The feature that made it unique was the optional barrel extension, used for longer range shots and when it needed to act as a sniper rifle.

Aside from attending school Ian, in his free time became a sharp shooter and soon became the number one sharpshooter on mars. At the age of 18, despite against his Uncles wishes he went to enroll in the Marines where his specialization was in covert operations and sharp shooting. At the age of 22 he graduated from the Marine academy ranked 46 out of three hundred fifty. His best marks came in sniping where he was ranked number two, and covert ops and infiltration where he attained the number one rank in the class, breaking a few standing academy records along the way. He had had issues though with operating under high stress and an inability to follow commands, which restricted him from being placed in the field on a sniper team.

Ian was appointed his first position on the USS Nautalis as an infiltration team member. Over the course of a couple of months the Nautalis was assigned to numerous rediscovery missions and escort missions. Ian’s first taste of actual combat came when two unidentified ships attacked the Nautalis and her convoy, boarding the ship. The attackers used unknown weapons to disable the ships shields making it so easy to board. They easily took control of the bridge module without casualty to either side. Ian led his infiltration team up the Jefferies shaft to the bridge. From there the team burst out and then retook control of the bridge and the ship. After this the marines stormed the bridge and it was over in a matter of minutes.

Two months later on a undisclosed planet Ian and the away team were ambushed by primitives. A brief struggle occurred and the away team were overwhelmed but Ian, George and 2 others managed to escape and hite in the jungle. A few hours later at the Primitive camp the rescue party beamed down with Ian and George in it and a fierce battle occurred. The primitives had made the captured parties tell them how to use the phases and one phaser blast somehow managed to scathe Ian from the top of his face to the bottom. Shortly after this indecent Ian put in for transfer the the USS Vendetta and was excepted, he is now commander of C-team.

After spending nearly two years on the USS Vendetta Ian has worked his way up the ranks, now a Fighter captain, equivalent to a full Starfleet Lieutenant and is the acting chief of Intelligence, the official chief being on "business of the Federation" and not being aboard the Vendetta in nearly 9 months. He was moved to Intelligence shortly after the Black Box incident when Captain Jarrah merged both Infiltration and Intelligence into one department.

At present Ian is the Vendettas formost infiltration expect, and although he leads up the Intelligence department his skills in the area are lacking compared to that of his chief assistant, Adriana Marshall, or some of his other subordinates. He is a master of deception and finding himself in places that he shouldnt ever be. During the Vendettas recent six month escourt mission resulting in finding the USS Columbus, he used the vast amounts of free time he found himself with to further his skills in the intelligence field and spend time with his newfound son.
Service Record
4 years at the academy
5 years on the USS Nautalis
At present, 2 years on the Vendetta
Father Andrew Elliot Ian needed some counseling after his encounter with death and what to do with his scar.

Further counseling was needed after a psycotic attack following the battle to reclaim DR-32.
Mother Mallory Elliot
Spouse none
Brothers Benjamin Elliot, Adrian Elliot (deceaced)
Sisters none
Other Relatives Children: Adrian Elliot, Age 7
Uncle: James "Buck" Strailine -Fathers side
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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