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Biographical Entry
Lieutenant Adriana Marshall

General Information
Name Adriana Marshall
Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 27
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 7"
Weight 120 lbs.
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Brown
Description A thin, tanned, young looking beautiful woman, with long brown hair, usualy kept in a ponytail. Aside from her good looks, her only distinguishing mark is a long scar that runs from her left shoulder down to the small of her back.

--After a few rough missions on Two ships named Vendetta, Adriana bares a few more scars. Shes also toying with the idea of a haircut.

One new distingishing trait is the lack of a left leg. During the First Battle of Isis, Adriana was wounded when she ran out of ammunition repealing borders. Consequently, she lost her leg and has a replacement biosynthetic one.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Though she appears bubbly, cute, and almost ditzy, on the inside, Adriain is a focused, cunning and sharp woman. She knows she looks good, and has used the fact in many infiltraition situations, from distracting guards to pulling off assasinations in..intimate situations. This aspect of her life however, has left her without much of a personal life, a failing she desperately wishes to fix.

These days tho, at least, things seem to be looking up. FOr the past few months, she has something of a loose relationship with the CTO of the USS Vendetta, her most recent assignement. She’s not been dissapointed...

She has hardened tho. While there still seems to bea devil may care attitude, the ditzy aspects have long since left her. She is more cynical then before, more hardened, and more Cautious.
Strengths & Weaknesses strengths: her looks are one of her greatest assets. she is also a talented marksmen

weaknesses: she can be..impatient at times.

She has gained a sense of caution when it comes to combat now. This can be both a strength and a weakness
Ambitions To be good at what she does.
She’d also like to find someone she can be herself around, perhaps in a romantic way
Hobbies & Interests hobbies: she likes to read, and enjoys a good holo-novel, though her duties can get in the way of those.

Intrests: Earth history.

She has taken up bladed combat classes.
Languages Standed, Cardassian
Adriana was born and raised on the Alpha Centauri colonies, living with her father, Dr.Erik Marshall (a bio-molecular scientist), her mother, Elisa Marshall ( a stay at home mom) and yonger sister, Eliana Marshall. She enjoyed a peacful early childhood, due in large part to the fact that the colony she was on was somewhat removed from the Borg Wars, untill the end of it that is.

When Adriana was 17, the Borg attacked her planet. In the insuing fire-fights, her mother was killed. She herself was injured, but luckily not assimilated. She has since always held a great hatred towards the Borg, as well as a long scar across her back, the only remnant of her injury.

As soon as the Borg Wars were over, Adrian and her sister, Elaina, both entered Starfleet Academy, to the dismay of their father. Upon graduation, Adrain accepted admmissions into the infiltration school, where she trained for another year, while her sister went to be posted to the USS Tycho, and exploration vessel.

While attending the Infiltration School, Adriana learned to put her good looks to work, sucessfuly obtaining a data rod from a visiting Romulan delegation, earning her an early graduation.

She would spend the next year as an infiltration opertive on the USS Surak, patroling the sectors just outside the sphere of influence of the Vulcan Protectorates.

In 2408, the then Ens.Marshall was transfred back to Earth, and with in two months dissapeared off official record, only to return in 2410, requesting positioning on the USS Vendetta.

Recnetly there after, the USS Vendetta was destroyed, her CO killed in action. She has recieved a promotion to LT Jg, and was posted to the new ’Detta.

Recently, she has completed a mission along side the ’Dettas ACIO to infiltrate a Cardassian Secrutiy system on a remote station, making it off the station only momnets before the Detta, along with the Beissman, laid waste to the outpost.

Following the two battles of Isis, Adriana has earned herself a promotion to full LT. She has been awarded the purple heart with oak cluster, due to injuries sustainted in both fleet actions, including the loss of her left leg, which still gives her some trouble. She has also been taking on the actions of Assistant Chief Intel Officer. Although Cmdr. Vares is still listed as the CIO of the USS Vendetta, he has been absent from the ship for two deployments, and Fgt,Cpt, Eilliot has been the stand in CIO (tho still ACIO) on the books. This has forced Adriana to step up and take on some of the ACIO responsibilities, as the 3rd highest ranking officer in the IO department.

--It is suspected but unconfirmed at this time that Ens.Marshall was posted to a joint intelligence/infiltration team, sent into the Cardassian Colonies. It is even rumored that Ens. Marshall had a hand in the assasination of a Cardassian, Gul En’nok.--

--While she was officialy non-existant, her sisters ship, the USS Tycho, went missing, presumed destroyed with all hands. Upon her return, Adriana was grief-stricken, but she refuses to give up hope that her sister might still be alive.--
Father Dr. Erik Marshall
Mother Elisa Marshall (deceased)
Spouse none
Brothers none
Sisters Elaina Marshall (missing)
Other Relatives none
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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