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Biographical Entry
Commander Vares Antonius

General Information
Name Vares Antonius
Position Former CIO
Rank Commander
Species Romulan
Gender Male
Age 38
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 11"
Weight 145 lbs.
Eye Color blue
Hair Color black
Description A tall, thin, romulan male. A long face with skin that looks a little to tight on him. He has a romanesque nose. Long arms, fingers, and legs. He also has big feet.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Not a very social person, he mostly keeps to himself. He talks very little, but when he does he is usually sarcastic. He has the romulan paranoia but not the normal romulan hatred of klingons (and everyone else for that matter).
Strengths & Weaknesses He is very cunning and intelligent. This makes up for his lack of physical strength. He is also very resourceful
Ambitions To become the first Romulan admiral in starfleet. Prove his worth to starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Likes to pull things apart and see if he can put them back together again. Using the holodeck, usually for combat simulations.
Languages English, Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian
Vares was born and raised on romulus in the capitol city. His father was a Tal’shiar operative which led Vares on his path to become an intelligence officer. At the age of 18 he enrolled in the romulan military academy. He graduated at the top of his class and quickly joined the Tal’shiar.

At the age of 23 he was sent to the federation to pose as a vulcan scientist to gather intelligence on federation weapons research. He did this assignment for 13 months before being captured and interrogated by starfleet intelligence. The Tal’shiar disavowed any knowledge of the mission leaving Vares to rot. Only two weeks later an operative of section 31 offered to set him free and destroy any records of his mission if he would help them. Vares took this opportunity and joined section 31. He worked for 2 years with section 31 but then quit them to join the official starfleet intelligence. Ofcourse section 31 said he couldn’t quit but he struck a deal with them, they would allow him to join starfleet intelligence if he would do assignments for section 31 as they saw fit. Section 31 accepted his deal. He went to apply at starfleet intelligence but they told him he needed to go to starfleet academy for two years.

When he graduated at 28 he stayed at starfleet intelligence headquarters for a few months then was transfered to the Grant. He was aboard when the grant was attacked and then crashed on the grant planet. After the landing he lived out on the farmland for 10 years until the beacon went off. After the Vendetta rescued them he joined up as their ACIO.

Vares served well as ACIO for several months, through their mission to Sherman’s Planet and into their patrol of the Nexor belt. When the Cardassians attacked Vares really proved himself as an officer and in the process caught the eye of Captain Biessman. At the end of the mission Vares was promoted to Lieutenant and was made CIO. The promotion was bittersweet however, as he received it only hours after he witnessed the old CIO (as well as countless others) get killed by the cardassian centurions. His first act as CIO was selecting officers to replenish his badly weakened department. It wouldn’t be the last time.

In the following month Vares had little to do. Following the siege they went on R&R then were sent of a scientific mission to the centaur nebula. However he found himself called on again as they encountered the USS Tiger Claw. It was an old Federation Carrier thought to be lost with all hands years before. As the Vendetta crew dug into the ships past they learned it was a section 31 ship. Given Vares past with Section 31 he offered invaluable assistance in that mission.

After their encounter with the Carrier, the Vendetta followed information given to them by a Romulan who had been imprisoned on the Tiger Claw. The information lead them to the old Romulan homeworld of Romulus. There they encountered an independent group of Romulans, who with the assistance of the Vendetta, planned on causing a crippling blow to section 31. Working together the Vendetta and the Romulans tore down several high ranking members of Section 31.

There was a hearing on Earth to deal with the section 31 operatives. Vares, as a former member of Section 31, was one of officers who gave testimony in exchange for immunity in the court marshal. Following his testimony, Captain Biessman promoted Vares to Lieutenant Commander for his part in the previous mission.

Vares enjoyed the R&R, though it was short lived. The Vendetta was assigned to a taskforce that was ordered to relieve the siege of Federation forces on the planet Nev’talc.

The Vendetta crew were pivotal in helping General O’Neill defend the Federation stronghold on the planet’s south pole. Vares lead attacks on not just one but three of the Cardassian’s planetary super carriers, destroying two and capturing another. After weeks of brutal fighting the campaign on Nev’talc finally ended. The Vendetta was sent to Earth for some R&R, and Vares once again began the painful task of replacing the many officers and crewmen he’d lost.

The R&R was cut short for the Vendetta however as a massive particle cloud appeared around a remote planetary base of the powerful corporation Kimira Industries. The Vendetta was dispatched with several Kimira escorts, a compliment of Kimira marines on the Vendetta itself, and a mission specialist from Starfleet, one Captain Sayid Jarrah, who had some past with the company.

Vares was very suspicious of the whole thing from the start. He was proven correct when he pulled a virus from the vendetta’s computer core. It had been planted there by Kimira. Upon his discovery Vares was drugged by Kimira and lapsed into a coma for more than a week. When he awoke he found they had arrived at the planet. The Kimira presence on the ship was gone, apparently forcibly removed.

The ship was tractored into a massive hangar bay and Vares was sent out to scout out the surrounding area. He encountered several Kimira marines and engaged in a running firefight with them. But he gathered valuable information on the landscape. He started planning with Captains Jarrah and Biessman on setting up defensive points when the attack came. Kimira monstrosities called hybrids attacked the Vendetta in unrelenting waves. Vares fought the beasts tooth and nail, and watched as they brutally killed his fellow officers and many of his friends.

Father Vorak(junior)
Mother Seera
Brothers Lantash
Other Relatives Grandpa Vorak(senior)
Service in the Borg War     Service in the Borg War
Service In the Cardassian War     Service In the Cardassian War
The Christopher McDonwald Medal of  Defensive Service     The Christopher McDonwald Medal of Defensive Service
Battle field ingenuity     Battle field ingenuity
Purple Galaxy     Purple Galaxy
Pilots Wings     Pilots Wings
Distinguished Flight Cross     Distinguished Flight Cross
Excellence in simming Award     Excellence in simming Award
Four Completed Mission Award     Four Completed Mission Award
Two Completed Mission Award     Two Completed Mission Award
Silver Oak Leaf [Six Award recipient]     Silver Oak Leaf [Six Award recipient]
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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