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Biographical Entry
Major Conrad Fleischer-Adler

General Information
Name Conrad Alexander Fleischer-Adler
Position CAG [Captain of the Air Group]
Rank Major
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 29
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 11"
Weight 196 lbs.
Eye Color Grey/Black
Hair Color Grey
Description Conrad is built like a tank. Not too tall and quite broad. He has short grey hair with black highlights. Due to a gene that has been in his family’s blood for generations, on his 18th birthday, his hair turned from black to grey. He has a few scars on his body and a tattoo of an eagle on his back. He is physically fit, due to having a lot of down time to train when he was teaching at DR-32. He also speaks with a mild German accent.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Conrad has quite a relaxed view about combat and life. Even though he has seen the horrors of the Cardassian Conflict, he decided that you had to take life and live it, rather than wallow about losses. Though he will be serious about what he has to do, he will take a light hearted attitude. He is more careful than he was when he first started his Starfleet training, due to bad experiences in his career.Once you get to know him he will be a very friendly person and will try and make friends on the ship.
Strengths & Weaknesses Str- Excellent Piloting skills, for both fighter and star ships
Quite a good pilot and soldier (first trained as marine), is a good instructor after having a year of teaching, knows the limits and capabilities of ships that he flies.He is also a friendly person that will help out with nearly anything if asked. He is also quite smart but doesnt like to show it.
Wkn- Can be blunt or rude if he thinks a decision is incorrect, he hates people looking over his shoulder, has a hard time dealing with loss.
Ambitions To be able to command a ship and then retire to fly old aircraft. He also would like to rise through the ranks like his father, so that he can accept the title of Baron from him when he retires.
Hobbies & Interests Literature, flying, hunting, History, Conrad is very interested in the history of starships spanning from early vessels to modern federation as well as other races ships. He also likes to tinker with things to see how they work, such as he will add little bits to his ships to make them slightly faster. He also enjoys using the holodeck.
Languages Federation Standard, Deutch, Klingon
Born near in the Prussian Heartland in 2381, Conrad grew up in either the family home in Prussia or Bavaria. He was given private schooling and tutoring from a young age. He also spend a lot of his youth going on hikes and camps in the Bavarian and Austrain mountains.

He went into Military training as soon as he had finished an advance University degree in Politics and History aged 16. He joined Starfleet with the original intention of becoming an Admiral in the end, though he does enjoy the life aboard a ship; he trained his piloting skills and took courses in leadership. He quickly passed and started his life on starships. Due to excelling in piloting he starts his career as a 2nd Lt. He went on extra credit assignments to try and gain influence at the academy as well as being chosen to do one of the fly by shows at the academy. He was pushed into service and started his career at the Battle of Sol.
Service Record
Joined Starfleet: Jan 2397 – Oct2398 quickly passed entrance exams and based basic training and officer training with ease and was quickly put into service piloting one of the ships in the defence of Sol.

Oct 2398: Conrad is posted as the CFCO on the USS Cougar, a New Orleans class frigate, he started his month shake down was cut short by the Battle of Sol, the USS Cougar was one of the ships sent to protect Earth, on Day 3 it was annihilated as it tried in vain to destry a borg cube. Conrad was one of the 50 survivors; they were left floating in the wreckage for 7 hours, before being beamed aboard a klingon B’rel. Conrad suffered shrapnel to the torso and leg from an exploding bulkhead, as well as a broken collar bone and arm. He made his way back to Starfleet academy and after a month in hospital for torso injuries he was posted on his second ship, Conrad also received a Purple Galaxy for this, Conrad also started to learn Klingon since he thought it necessary after being rescued by Klingons.

Jan 2399: Posted as a replacement CFCO for the USS Quicksilver a Galaxy class, the ship stayed in earth orbit conducting repairs. This gave Conrad a change to hewn his piloting skills in smaller craft using Falcon Tactical scouts for search throw wreckage. In December 2399 he was moved to be the CAG of one of the carrier class ships, the USS Ark Royal, that had been damaged in the Battle of Sol. On arrival he is promoted to the rank of 1st Lt.

Feb 2400: After celebrating V-Day on the USS Ark Royal, the ship was sent to the DR-32 yards to re-enforce the ships that where stationed there.
The ship remained at DR-32 for 3 months before staring to re-explore the surrounding systems, for the next 7 years, though the ship retreated back to DR-32 after the end of the Era of good feelings.

2407: USS Ark Royal is sent as one of the ships to aid in the evacuation of federation personnel from Cardassian stations.

2407: The USS Ark Royal is sent as one of the 550 ships to the Cardassian boarder.

2408: the USS ark Royal is posted to Aron IV. The USS Ark Royal fights valiantly but is destroyed by a Galor; Conrad at the time is leading a fighter squadron against other Cardassian vessels. He watched the ship he has been on for 8 years be destroyed. His squadron takes refuge in the USS Claymore a Galaxy class, as his the Federation retreats; Conrad is shocked by how easily life is taken away.

2409: After returing to earth for a quick shore leave Conrad return to DR-32 and serves 9 months as a flight instructor, getting himself promoted to Captain. and tests some of the federation Vessels that come of the production line, he decides to file an application to the ship that he thinks would be the best for him.

2410: Having an uneventful year of teaching and testing new ships technology Conrad tests the Intimidator Class Refit, he files and application straight away, and hopes to join the ships when it is commissioned.

2410:Posted as the CAG on the U.S.S. Vendetta-B. After the raid on the Cardassian base with the Biessman. Conrad recieved a promotion to Major after his fighter groups work as a protection screen and for capturing a Bio=fighter.

Father (Admiral) Baron Fleischer-Adler II Conrad has a few old possessions in his quarters, such as a old sword and a few model ships.
He is single at the moment since the person he liked romantically died on board the USS Ark Royal.
Mother (Cmdr.) Ariel Fleischer-Adler
Spouse -
Brothers (Lt. JG) Krauser (22)
Sisters Isabella (18), (Dr) Anne (23)
Other Relatives Many Uncles and Aunts and cousins that are part of the Baron Fleischer-Adler family, though 4 lost their lives in the Borg conflict before Conrad was born.
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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