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Biographical Entry
Fighter Captain Justin Gimbol

General Information
Name Justin "Ghost" Gimbol
Position Former FXO
Rank Fighter Captain
Species Enhanced Human
Gender Male
Age 32
Physical Appearance
Height 6' 0"
Weight 185 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black/Gray
Description Ghost is a reserved looking 32 year old with black hair that is just beginning to show some gray in the sideburns and above the ears. He has pale skin without freckles, refined facial features, light eyes, and a tall, muscular build. Ghost carries himself ramrod straight, and moves silently and effortlessly.

His callsign, Ghost, is based on his tall, pale appearance, and his tendency to sneak up on people seemingly out of nowhere both on the ground and in flight. Rumors that he walks through walls and uses a personal transporter to materialize out of thin air are greatly exaggerated.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Ghost is quiet and reserved, but has a good sense of humor and an intensely loyal personality. He takes his job extremely seriously and trains hard, but he knows how to relax off duty, and he balances work and play effectively. Anyone that has served with Ghost knows him to be the type of person who will only speak when he has something meaningful, humorous, or important to say, who will immediately jump into a bar fight to rescue a friend, who can be trusted to keep any secret or give good advice on any problem, and who is faster than almost anyone behind the stick.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: hand to hand combat, small arms, tracking and hunting, is able to pilot anything ranging in size from an escape pod to a space station, but exhibits special aptitude with small fighter sized vehicles. Excels in tasks requiring exquisite eye hand coordination, reflexes, mental or physical flexibility, vision or endurance. Highly proficient in Stellar Cartography, Navigation, Mathematics, and Physics. His genetic enhancements make him a remarkably quick study in any area he finds interesting.

Weaknesses: Ghost is slow to trust new people and make new friends. Because of this difficulty with trusting others, he is sometimes prone to paranoia. New acquaintances might find him shy or introverted, when in fact Ghost simply hasnt decided that they are trustworthy or talented enough to be worth talking to yet. Ghost is weak in Biology and knows only basic first aid. Despite his enhancements, Ghost has extreme difficulty learning foreign languages, and speaks only Federation Standard and Russian, both of which were spoken at home in his formative years. Drinks enough off duty to be classified as a highly functional alcoholic, though he never lets his drinking affect his work. Very arachnophobic.
Ambitions Ghost joined Starfleet to fly the most advanced fighters in existence, and his ambition is to remain a fighter pilot for as long as Starfleet will let him. He frequently lets others be promoted over him, and avoids seeking promotions at all costs for fear of being forced into a desk job.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon Martial Arts (Mok’Bara), target shooting, flight simulators, gymnastics, distance running, and gourmet cooking. Also enjoys long term wilderness survival and hunting, but he has little opportunity to exercise these interests as a pilot.
Languages Federation Standard
2378- Justin Gimbol is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to William and Meghan.

2384- Young Justin is doing badly in school, and doctors have told his parents that he will never develop normal mental function or physical development due to a previously undetected genetic abnormality resulting in mental retardation. William and Meghan decide to break the law and take their son to Adigeon Prime for gene therapy. Justin spends the year in an alien hospital, where he receives daily treatments which increase his IQ by 5 points a day for two weeks. He is given accelerated classes appropriate to his new intelligence to catch him up with the other school children in his grade. Next, he is given treatments which enhance his vision, reflexes, strength, and coordination. His parents relocate the family to San Francisco and enroll Justin in school using false records, successfully hiding their crime. By the year’s end, he is performing in the top .5 percentile of all children in his age group.

2394- Justin finishes school with top honors and enters Starfleet Academy with the dream of becoming a fighter pilot.

2398- Justin has established himself as the top gun in his academy class. He earns a position as a fighter pilot with Strike Force Alpha aboard the USS Red Cloud (NCC-63306), an Akira Class Fighter Carrier. Very early in his deployment, he earns the callsign "Ghost." Soon after, he participates with distinction in the Battle of Sol. A few weeks after the battle’s end, the truth behind Ghost’s genetic enhancements comes out when in depth genomic scans are done while he is hospitalized for a rare alien retroviral infection. Due to the extreme losses just suffered at the hands of the Borg and Ghost’s exemplary service during the battle, Ghost is not forced to leave Starfleet, though he is denied a promotion as punishment for failing to disclose his genetic enhancements when he entered the academy.

2400- Assigned to the USS Ronald Reagan.

2405- Promoted to Red Eye Squadron Leader.

2406- Strategic deployment of a well placed tricobalt device disables the attacking Hutut Class Cardassian capital ship, allowing the Reagen to escape the battle after nearly being destroyed. Awarded the The Distinguished Flight Cross. Re-deployed to the USS Oregon.

2408- Re-assigned to USS Devastator. Fighter destroyed by a Cardassian Bio Fighter during the battle of Nev’Talc. Only luck and sheer will to live keeps Ghost alive despite being severely injured. Awarded the Purple Galaxy for injuries sustained.

2410- Re-assigned to USS Vendetta as Daylight Squadron Leader.

2411- Promoted to Fighter Captain and made the XO of the fighter wing.

Father William Ethnically, Justin is almost entirely Russian (a British ancestor living in Russia contributed his surname, Gimbol), but his parents moved to North America several years before he was born. He spent much of his vacation time as a child visiting with his Great Great Grandfather, Sergei Gimbol, at his ranch in central Siberia, where he was taught to track and kill Hare, Wolves, Elk, Reindeer, and Wild Boar at a very young age. Makes an amazing wild boar stew.
Mother Meghan
Spouse None
Brothers Kevin (3 years younger)
Sisters Samantha (5 years younger)
Other Relatives
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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