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Biographical Entry
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Javiera Jiménez

General Information
Name Javiera Jiménez
Position Assistant Chief Engineering
Rank Chief Warrant Officer 3
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 32
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 5"
Weight 129 lbs.
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Black
Description Javiera is an average height, average sized, average looking Hispanic woman with caramel skin, shoulder-length black hair, and big dark brown eyes. She almost never wears makeup. She often wears her uniforms relaxed beyond standards.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Javiera is crude, sarcastic, insubordinate, and cynical. On the other hand, she is brilliant, hard-working, sharply witty, and an excellent leader.

She seems to have an obsession with turn-of-the-millennium history.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her strengths stem from her technical competence, while her weaknesses are based on her acerbic personality.
Ambitions "I want to be the best damn engineer, period. Also, having my own big ass stateroom would be cool too."
Hobbies & Interests She has an extensive collection of historical instruments and song recordings. She can often be found singing and or playing this music. There’s hardly a machine she has put eyes on that she hasn’t taken apart and put back together again.
Languages Federation Standard, Spanish
Javiera was born in 2378 in Cartagena, Columbia, Earth, to Starfleet Lieutenant Mauricio and civilian Kara Jiménez. Lieutenant Jiménez was a brilliant and decorated engineering officer, and his talent and passion for science was passed on to his only daughter. She maintained a close relationship with her parents. Despite constant encouragement by her father, Javiera chose not to apply for Starfleet Academy, claiming that she did not think she could handle the responsibilities of a Starfleet officer. Although disappointed, her father supported her desicion and suggested that she become a civilian contractor for Starfleet. She instead studied science and engineering at the California Institute of Technology with a double major of electrical engineering and physics.

On Christmas Day, 2398, Javiera receieved word of the destruction of the USS Jerusalem in orbit above Earth with the loss of all hands, including her chief engineer, Commander Mauricio Jiménez. After a week of grieving with her mother, she was contacted by Chief Warrant Officer 5 Anthony Heyen, a close friend of her father. He convinced her that Starfleet needed people of her exceptional talent now more than ever in the wake of the Borg War and offered her an alternative to the Academy. With some Starfleet string-pulling, she recieved her degree from Caltech and joined Warrant Officer Candidate School within the first two weeks of the new year. She graduated in mid-2399 a Warrant Officer 1 specializing in power distribution systens, such as EPS, impulse propulsion, and electrical distribution systems.

For four years, WO1 Jiménez was assigned to one of the many new shipyards constructed after the war, repairing damaged ships and constructing new ships. During that time she was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 2, and she became the shipyard foreman for the alteration of ships’ existing power systems to support the fleetwide retrofitting of slip stream drives. She had a hand in the construction, repair, and refit of the engineering systems of 139 starships.

In 2403, she received orders to Starfleet Marine Corps Combat Engineer School. After her graduation, she was attached to the 22nd Sapper Battalion. Her talent had been recogized by Starfleet and she was tasked with the construction of temporary power plants on dozens of planets during the Re-exploration. She was a fully trained and qualified marine and was accepted as such by other marines, yet she never saw any combat action in her three year tour.

She was promoted to CWO3 soon after her assignment to the USS Lafayette as Senior EPS Technician. Within a year of reporting to the Lafayette, she had single-handedly increased the power-carrying capability of her electro-plasma system by 175% and the propulsion capability of her impulse drives by 140%. There she met Lieutenant j.g. Cole Mattison, a tactical officer, with whom she quickly developed a relationship and married in 2408. Later that year, Mattison searched out Jiménez in a Jeffries tube during routine plasma conduit maintenance. Their romantic rendezvous distracted her and she abandoned the job mid-work. Due to the unstable state of the conduit during the maintenance and lack of proper containment, the conduit ruptured, instantly killing her husband, severely damaging her right leg, and causing extensive equipment damage. As soon as her leg was repaired with prosthetics, she was confined to the brig. Charged with fraternization, blantent disregard for safety procedures, and gross negligence causing the death of a crewmate and damage to the ship, she was tried by court-martial. She was awarded with demotion to CWO2 and immediate transfer to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

She was assigned as the administrative director of maintenance at one of the drydocks at the shipyard. She was not allowed to personally conduct any work, however. Embarrassed, depressed, and heartbroken, she submitted resignation letters monthly. Each request was denied. Her personality gradually changed as she accepted her fate pushing paperwork. She became bitter, irreverant, and abrasive. Still, she excelled at the job forced upon her. Turn around times on ships in drydock shrank by 18% with her heading up admin.

Inexplicably, in 2410, the CO of the shipyard hand-delivered a PADD to her office informing her of her promotion to CWO3 and orders to the USS Vendetta as the Matter, Energy, and Propulsion Specialist. Eager to begin doing the work she loves again and not one to ask questions, she was on a shuttle to Celtia Prime the next day.
Service Record
*2399: Warrant Officer Candidate School; promotion to WO1
*2399-2403: Newport News Naval Shipyard; promotion to CWO2; received Starfleet Achievement Medal
*2403-2404: Marine Corps Combat Engineer School, received Good Conduct Medal
*2404-2406: 22nd Sapper Battalion; received Starfleet Unit Commendation Medal, Starfleet Achievement Medal, Alpha Quadrant Reclamation Service Medal, Humanitarian Action Medal
*2406-2408: USS Lafayette; promotion to CWO3; court-martial; demotion to CWO2
*2408-2410: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards; received Starfleet Achievement Medal; promotion to CWO3
*2410-present: USS Vendetta
Father Mauricio, deceased
Mother Kara
Spouse Cole, deceased
Brothers None
Sisters None
Other Relatives None
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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