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Biographical Entry
Commander Constantino Antonelli

General Information
Name Constantino Alessandro Antonelli
Position Executive Officer
Rank Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 35
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 10"
Weight 187 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Personality & Traits
General Overview Headstrong, follows a moral code, cheerful, not one to get angry easily, believes that if you can take the opportunity to save your fellow crewmembers you should take it no matter the risk involved.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Family, friends, his wife, heritage

Being away from family for too long, stubborn, his wife
Ambitions Have children, retire with full military honors, have own command
Hobbies & Interests Spending time with the wife, chess, creating holo-novels, researching history.
Languages Federation Standard, Russian, Italian, Latin
Constantino Antonelli was born on August 18th 2375 to Christine and Santino Antonelli; he was a fairly good child to begin with, but after his 10th birthday all that changed. His father was away more for the Federation as was most of his family except for his mother who was stationed on Earth. Constantino or Tino as he was normally called began to misbehave in school and also began having behaving like a defeatist, he figured that the Federation should just let the Borg take over everyone, at least they’d all still be alive was the point that he argued with his classmates and family. It wasn’t until his 13th birthday that he changed his mind he began to see the Borg for what they really were, mindless drones that were bent on the destruction of everything he cared about.

Tino’s family moved to California after his mother accepted a job at Starfleet Academy, Tino’s father was on another assignment with Starfleet, one he couldn’t talk about, so it was just Tino and his mother. During Tino’s second year he met a wonderful girl named Sarafina, she was beautiful but didn’t want a relationship with him at that time so they become great friends. Over the next year Tino and Sara would become inseparable; they did almost everything together and during the summer of Tino’s third year they kissed each other, even after everything their mothers had told them about each of their families. Tino and Sara kept their relationship with each other a secret for as long as possible, but it was not to be. Tino’s younger sister Cassie saw them kissing one day and told her mother. Tino’s mother was furious and forbid Tino from seeing Sara, something of which Tino didn’t do, he loved her too much.

During his final year of high school Sara and Tino decided that they both should join Starfleet as fast as they could. Tino began to work harder in school, his teachers noticed a vast improvement over his grades and praised him for it, and Tino ignored their praise and focused on achieving his ultimate goal of joining Starfleet. When he was 16 he took the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exams and failed, 6 months later he took them again and passed, he redoubled his efforts and even asked the teachers for more work, he earned enough credits to graduate early and 2 weeks after his 17th birthday he was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Sara was so happy for him that she threw him a party and invited all of their friends, they both decided to have the party at a friend’s house as both of their parents would disagree to have either a De Rossi or an Antonelli step foot into their home.

Constantino was married to Sarafina De Rossi the summer after his first year at the academy, while their parents were not pleased they saw that the two were deeply in love and decided not to interfere, instead they helped the couple and supported their wishes, and they even attended their wedding. During the summer of Tino’s third year and Sara’s second year, Tino took Sara back to Coney Island where he had proposed to her, it was an exciting trip for the both of them.

In July of 2396 Tino graduated Starfleet Academy 98th out of 560; he was also the Valedictorian for his class. He was promoted to Ensign and assigned to the USS Admiral Graf Spee named after a military officer from ancient Earth. Tino had majored in Shuttle/Runabout Operations and had minored in Starship Flight Operations. He was looking forward to his first tour of duty, and was really excited he was hoping to get out of the Sol Sector but as fate would have it the Admiral Graf Spee was assigned to the Earth Defense Fleet. It meant he’d be closer to his family but he wanted to see what was going on at the frontlines now. That’s where he really wanted to be so he put in for a transfer as soon as it was possible, and as luck would have it he got one two years later, the USS Hood under the command of Captain Ramirez was stopping in for a crew rotation and Tino was picked as part of the crew.

The Hood was different than the Graf Spee as it was more of a frontline vessel and the last of the Excelsior Classes. She was an old vessel, many of her systems had been updated to Starfleet’s current systems and she felt like she had a lot of life left in her at least from what Tino could tell anyway. In May of 2398 the Hood came under attack by a borg sphere they had managed to disable the Hood’s shields and weapons as well as their main engines, and they also managed to capture the CO of the vessel. Tino and 4 Marines stole a shuttlecraft to go and rescue Captain Ramirez against orders from the XO. They got into the borg sphere just fine but by the time they had found the Captain and had brought him back to the shuttlebay the borg sphere had ejected their shuttle into space, so Tino improvised, he had the marines hold off the borg while he worked on slaving the remaining borg’s “shuttlepods” systems together so that he could control both of them. The slaving worked and the 4 marines, Tino and Captain Ramirez boarded the shuttlepods and made their way back to the USS Hood, though while trying to escape the borg sphere took aim at the borg “shuttlepods” and before Tino could raise the shields on both of them they destroyed the one with 3 marines onboard. Tino managed to get the shields up on his borg “shuttlepod” before the next disruptor blast, the blast didn’t destroy the ship it did however knock out their shields and weapons and disabled their main engines leaving only the maneuvering thrusters. The Hood had finally managed to raise their shields and weapons; they extended their shields to cover the shuttlepod and fired upon the borg sphere. The Hood managed to destroy it with only a couple hits. After the last disruptor blast Tino had not noticed the small piece of glass sticking into his shoulder artery, he managed to pilot the shuttlepod back into the shuttlebay of the USS Hood and once they had landed Tino relaxed.

He got up and helped Captain Ramirez and the remaining marine out of the shuttlepod, as soon as the Captain was off his left shoulder he collapsed from the loss of blood. He was asleep for the next 3 days and when he had finally awoke he had learned that he had been reprimanded and probably would not get offered a command position, but he did however earn the Purple Heart. He returned to his duties aboard the USS Hood about a week later and in 2401 he was transferred to Starbase 3 and began training in the use of Starfleet Fighters for about 6 months as did most of the other shuttle/runabout pilots that were stationed there. They were mainly trained as back-up pilots. After several months of hard work Tino was given a departmental promotion to Assistant Chief Shuttle/Runabout Pilot. Nothing else really eventful happened onboard the Starbase, and in 2403 Tino put in for a transfer to the Galaxy Class Starship USS Arizona under the command of Captain Lopez, it was heading to the frontlines and Tino wanted to be in on the action. Tino was picked by Captain Lopez to become one of their Flight Control Officers and promoted him to Lieutenant Junior Grade, he assigned him to the night watch and made sure to keep up on his progress, the Captain saw great command potential in Tino despite his reprimand. The Arizona joined up with several other starships as they made their way to join up with 4th Fleet but before they could get there a distress call was intercepted and with there being no Senior Officers on the bridge Tino decided that it would be the Arizona that would answer the distress call. He had the helmsman change course and alerted the rest of the fleet what was going on. He then decided to awaken Captain Lopez and let him know the current situation. The Captain hearing what Tino did praised him and told him that he would be on the bridge in a few moments, he also told Tino to contact the rest of the senior staff and have them report to the bridge. Tino located them on the Captain’s chair panel and sent a standard call to all of them at the same time. Captain Lopez arrived on the bridge not long after and took over command as Tino moved to the Conn position.

The Arizona dropped out of warp and saw three Cardassian Galor warships hammering away at the USS Alaska, a Miranda Class Starship. Tino moved the ship into position as the Arizona sent out warning to the Cardassian vessels, the Cardassians only answered with Phaser fire, so the Arizona returned fire, Tino at the helm was flying the ship like she turned on a dime, a hard right then left, then a right again, the Cardassian could barely keep a stable lock on the ship, but that also meant that the Arizona had a tougher time getting a lock on the Cardassian ships. Tino quickly pulled an L-4 and the Tactical officer trained his weapons on the most damaged Cardassian warship, he opened fire and the ship was destroyed in a blaze of fire. The other two Cardassian ships began to flee but the USS Alaska managed to fire her phasers and disable one of the Cardassian Galor warships. The Arizona beamed over two platoons of marines only to lose them, the Cardassians self-destructed their ship before the Arizona or Alaska could beam the marines back. The third Galor warship would get away for the time being. It was unknown if the Cardassian vessels which attacked the USS Alaska and Arizona were in fact a part of the Cardassian Fleet or if they were renegades. It has been assumed that they were in fact renegades.

Another year had passed and Tino had finally gotten some leave time that corresponded to the leave time with his wife Sarafina. The two of them spent a 2 weeks together on Earth, before separating and returning to their ships. It was a very exciting 2 weeks for the both of them as they had not been in physical contact with each other for some time. When Tino had returned he had found out that Captain Ramirez of the USS Hood had been killed when the ship was destroyed in a Cardassian raid, and to make matters worse the ship that had made the killing blow was the Galor warship that had escaped them more than a year earlier. Tino made a vow that he would make sure the he avenged Captain Ramirez, and help destroy the Galor warship.

2 years later the Arizona managed to identify which Galor class warship was the one that had gotten away during their rescue of the USS Alaska, the ship’s name was “Damar”, Tino was finally going to be able to avenge the loss of his former CO. Several ships had joined the USS Arizona as they did an intelligence run deep into occupied territory; the intelligence run was a failure and only a few kilometers from the Federation border the Arizona was destroyed but not before it disabled the Damar’s engines and following Captain Lopez’s orders Tino set the Arizona on a collision course with the Damar while the rest of the crew made it to the escape pods. The Arizona collided with the Damar and both ships were destroyed in a blaze of glory. After 2 months in a cramped escape pod the crew of the USS Arizona was picked up by the USS Minnesota a Defiant Class Escort which took them to Starbase 4 deep within Federation territory and for the next 4 months Tino underwent medical exams and counseling. It had been a trying time within the cramped escape pods and Tino had developed an acute case of claustrophobia, though with the counseling he underwent he was able to overcome the claustrophobia. The Cardassians objected to any knowledge of the renegade Cardassian ships, and claimed that they were operating on their own and not in the interests of the Cardassian people and that Starfleet should take no action in exacting vengeance for what their misguided comrades did.

In 2407 Tino was assigned to the USS Liberty and promoted to Lieutenant Commander; he was made the Second Officer of the Liberty which was a Legacy Class, it was mainly being used as a supply vessel. The crew of the Liberty rarely saw the frontlines and mainly stayed behind the lines and delivered supplies to the various starbases. They would often tow damaged vessels back to Earth or to a larger Starbase for repairs. In December of 2407 the Liberty received a distress call from the USS Lexington which was an Akira Class starship, the message said that they had come under attack by a group of Cardassian fighters; the Liberty was the only vessel in range that could get to them in time. Tino suggested that they alter course and do what they could do to help the Lexington. The Captain of the Liberty agreed and they changed course, when they arrived they found that the Lexington was adrift, and no Cardassian fighters were in the area. The Liberty sent several boarding parties over to the Lexington led by Lieutenant Commander Antonelli, they found that most of the crew was dead, and there were a couple survivors who they had beamed over immediately. After that they set course for the nearest starbase, once they had arrived at Starbase 6 they unloaded their passengers and continued on their original mission not knowing what they had done. 6 hours into their mission they received a call from Starbase 6 asking for them to return and assist with medical aid. When they arrived they saw that the starbase had been hit hard and had heavy damage to it. Several other starships were in the area now and were holding a defense perimeter around the starbase. When Lt. Commander Antonelli beamed over to Starbase 6 with his away team he found that the place was in even worse shape on the inside. As they searched for any signs of life they finally managed to come across the Station CO and he told them what had happened. 3 hours after the Liberty had left a group of Cardassian vessels exited warp near the starbase and opened fire immediately, the station had very little time to raise its shields or weapons and to top it all off they were boarded as well. Several starships that were on patrol responded to the distress call and came in guns firing, they managed to drive off the Cardassians and capture the remaining Cardassian soldiers.

The Station CO had called them back because they were in desperate need of the medical supplies the Liberty was carrying, which were to be dropped off at Starbase 5, when Captain Krall heard about what had happened at Starbase 6, he ordered that 75% of the supplies the Liberty was carrying could be given to Starbase 6 for their use until their own medical stations and sickbays were up and running again. The Liberty was also assigned to Starbase 6 to provide any other services that might be needed. The USS Missouri had lost both its Captain and XO during the fight. Captain Li on the Liberty assigned Commander Antonelli to command the Missouri until they could replace the fallen. Lt. Commander Antonelli took command of the Missouri which was a Steamrunner Class starship, within 4 hours of Tino taking command he had the ship up and running as well as they could with half of a crew. 3 days later two Cardassian fighters were picked up on long range sensors, Captain Li of the Liberty and Captain Krall of Starbase 6 ordered the ships Missouri and Iowa to engage them, to try to capture but destroy if necessary. The Missouri and Iowa engaged the Cardassian fighters and destroyed them all, even though they did try to capture one the ship self-destructed before they could beam Marine teams onboard. After 2 months of waiting several starships under the command of Rear Admiral Hakuli arrived to take over the defense and repair of Starbase 6. The Liberty went back to their Supply Runs and Lieutenant Commander Antonelli was given a promotion to Commander and a Starfleet Commendation, he was then assigned to the USS Vendetta and was told to rendezvous with them at Starbase 11. He arrived at Starbase 11 and waited for the USS Vendetta to arrive.
Father VADM Santino Antonelli, 61, Starfleet Command Decorations, Reprimands, Commendations, Achievements: 1 Reprimand, 1 Purple Heart, 2 Starfleet Commendations
Mother CPT Christine Antonelli, 59, USS Saratoga
Spouse Sarafina De Rossi-Antonelli
Brothers None
Sisters ENS Cassandra Antonelli, 22; CPO Kay Antonelli, 34
Other Relatives
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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