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Biographical Entry
Colonel Chris Markon

General Information
Name Chris Markon
Position Marine Commanding Officer
Rank Colonel
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 46
Physical Appearance
Height 6' 8"
Weight 200 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Description Toned muscular frame. He has a scar above his right eye which he got in combat during the dominion war. He wears it as a reminder of the perils of war.
Personality & Traits
General Overview He was recruited in to the marines when the dominion war broke out. His natural combat ability and keen intellect meant he rose through the ranks quickly, and gained the respect of his fellow marines and starfleet members
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:-
Combat Tactics
Weapon Use/Maintenance
Strategic Operations


Quick on the trigger
Mistrusts many
Ambitions Command of a Marine Battalion/Squadron
Become a General of the Marine Corps
Hobbies & Interests A solitary person, Chris likes reading (particularly 20th century history) Psychology of Combat, Mountain Climbing and Sharpshooting
Languages Human, Bajoran, Klingon, Cardassian
Markon grew up in the scottish city of Dundee only 60 miles north of the capital Edinburgh. He was from a proud military family, the career of choice was starfleet marines.

He has a younger brother named for his father 2nd LT Steven Markon serving as a platoon commander. Chris’s younger sister Camilla is a young doctor taking a career after her mother.

His father was a General in the Marines until 5 years ago and his mother was a Commander and XO of a medical ship.

Chris initially joined starfleet academy and graduated from the academy top of the class in 2388 and was headhunted into the marine corps due to his family heritage he agreed to join and went through one years combat training and a further year in specialised training.

Chris was then assigned to a unit and fought ferociously during 2 years of the dominion war. There was an incident during one of his first missions which has caused much mental scarring.

Chris was promoted to 2nd LT following this campaign and whilst on earth visiting his family took a combat unit tactics training course which lasted a year. On leaving earth he was posted as a Squad Leader on a marine outpost near Bajor.

During the following years Chris was attached to a highly secretive unit conducting black ops during the borg wars. Once victory had been declared in 2400 Chris was given a sabatical of one year, during this time he lived with his family training intensly, climbing at every opportunity he could.

He had grown tired of his work in black ops, a decade of fast paced and incredibly dangerous work was catching up with him. Having not gained any promotion or commendation in the previous decade he was effectively starting his career from scratch so he returned to earth where a posting was available on the USS Vendetta as a Detachment Commanding Office.

Since Chris had never served with a detached unit he decided it would be an interesting change and took the position in 2401.

Service Record
2384 - Joined Starfleet
2388 - Graduated SF Academy Top of Class
2388 - Headhunted into Marine Corps
2388 - Specialised sniper and demolitions training
2390 - 2 years combat (Dominion War)
2390 - Promotion to 2nd LT
2391 - Combat Unit Tactics Training
2391 - First Squad command
2391 - Posting Classified - Borg Wars and following years
2401 - Transfer to USS Vendetta Marine Detachment (Deputy Commander)
2402 - Promotion to 1st LT
2405 - Promotion to Marine Captain (Detachment Commander)
2409 - Promotion to Major
2411 - USS Vendetta Destroyed
2411 - Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel
2411 – Transfer to Starbase 11 (Mission Coordinator – Marines)
2411 – Promotion to Colonel
Father General Steven Markon (Retired)
Mother Commander Fiona Ahmed (Retired)
Brothers 2nd LT Steven Markon Jnr
Sisters Ensign Camilla Markon
Other Relatives
Service In the Dominion war     Service In the Dominion war
Service in the Borg War     Service in the Borg War
Service In the Cardassian War     Service In the Cardassian War
Captain Kiro Kramer Medal of Service     Captain Kiro Kramer Medal of Service
The Christopher McDonwald Medal of  Defensive Service     The Christopher McDonwald Medal of Defensive Service
Purple Galaxy     Purple Galaxy
Pilots Wings     Pilots Wings
USS Vendetta Marine Medal of Recognition     USS Vendetta Marine Medal of Recognition
Excellence in simming Award     Excellence in simming Award
Four Completed Mission Award     Four Completed Mission Award
Two Completed Mission Award     Two Completed Mission Award
The Christopher Markon Award For Biographical Excellence     The Christopher Markon Award For Biographical Excellence
Silver Oak Leaf [Six Award recipient]     Silver Oak Leaf [Six Award recipient]
POW Medal Of Recognition     POW Medal Of Recognition
Nev’talc Campaign Ribbon     Nev’talc Campaign Ribbon
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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