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Biographical Entry
Captain Mentok

General Information
Name Mentok
Position Military Police Company Commander
Rank Captain
Species Romulan
Gender Male
Age 54
Physical Appearance
Height 6' 4"
Weight 270 lbs.
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Description Mentok is tall with a very athletic build. He has the usual Romulan facial features with prominent ridged brows and pointed ears. His expression varies from neutral to one of mild annoyance.
Personality & Traits
General Overview He views his transfer to the Federation Marine Corps by the Romulan Republic as a punishment. He dislikes aliens and being forced to work with them gives him a sour attitude.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Extremely strong and physically fit. An excellent soldier and combat leader. Strong sense of duty.

Weaknesses: Unwillingness to work with aliens if he can avoid it. Antisocial. Mediocre administrator.
Ambitions An end to the Cardassian war so he can permanently disassociate himself with the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Working out
Languages Standard, Romulan, Cardassian
Mentok was born on Romulus to a traditionalist Romulan family, one that preferred isolation from the rest of the galaxy. He enjoyed physical fitness and strength training from early in his youth and was a fair athlete participating in traditional Romulan sports until deciding to become the equivalent of a civilian police officer.

The Borg War saw him conscripted into the Romulan Star Empire’s military infantry, which was subsequently folded into the Federation Marines when the Romulans joined the Federation. He continued to serve after the conclusion of the Borg War until the Romulans split from the Federation.

The Cardassian War again found the Romulans again allying with the Federation. Mentok had risen from the enlisted ranks to become a junior officer in the Republic’s military. He maintained his xenophobic attitude despite the general shift away from isolationism among the Romulan leadership. His continued racism did not go unnoticed. Mentok was forced by his commander to rejoin the Federation Marine Corps, on paper as a gesture of cooperation between the two militaries, but in reality a cruel form of punishment for Mentok.

The marines, with no idea what to do with a lone Romulan with a bad attitude, gave him a commission as a lieutenant and assigned him to the Star Base 11 military police detachment.
Service Record
2410: Commissioned in the corps as a second lieutenant. Assignment to Star Base 11 military police.
2411: Promotion to first lieutenant. Becomes a company commander.
Father Telok
Mother Meral
Brothers Dovok
Sisters Vítal
Other Relatives
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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