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Biographical Entry
Lieutenant Commander Sora Natu

General Information
Name Sora Natu
Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Kourgiran
Gender Female
Age 41
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 9"
Weight 130 lbs.
Eye Color Solid Green
Hair Color Black
Description A tall, young looking woman with close cut wild black hair, long legs, and the toned body of a swimmer, with a stern gaze. Though she is 40 standard years old, she is still young by her races standards. Like all Kourgirans, she has bright red skin, and black hair. Her eyes however, are green, which are a rarity among her race. Also a rarity is the markings on her left cheek, below her eye. Though she is quite attractive by most races’ standards, the markings will keep her from ever being able to pursue a relationship with anyone of her own race: they mark her for an exile.
Personality & Traits
General Overview With a somewhat stern demeanor, Sora Natu has excelled as a Security Officer, and seems to be handling command track responsibilities well. She is still quick to temper, and can be quite moody at times, especially when she has been away from her loved ones for too long, or when her home world comes up in conversation. A hardened Tactician, Sora has the potential to be a great Captain one day, if given the chance. Her only issue is opening up and letting others in. She makes a good Command Officer because she can distance herself, but something she knows she’ll need to work on is getting to know her crewmen better. A first officer has to be the go between for the Captain and Crew, and she can’t do that if she keeps herself too distant.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Keen tactical mind. Excellent in hand-to-hand and small arms combat, with good leadership skills. Very driven individual with a deep sense of personal honor.

Weaknesses: Fiery Temper. Still has a large chip on her shoulder with respect to her Biological Father, and most of the rest of her species, for that matter. Can be stubborn.
Ambitions To over come the sense of shame from her fathers status as a Traitor, and regain a position of Honor for her family.
Hobbies & Interests Avid Swimmer and Fencer. Finds both to be excellent stress relievers, as well as a way to keep in top physical condition. Took to chess at an early age. Also tries to find time to study ancient languages and symbols, as a distraction. Dabbles in cooking.
Languages Kourgiran, Federation Standard, Cardassian, Klingon, various anc
Sora was born on the planet Kourigar, homeworld of the Kourigiran Protectorate, a small empire in the Beta Quadrant, constantly plagued by brutal dictators. Her parents were Sen’ta Natu, a small time politician and activist, and Kirin Natu, a doctor of some standing. Her father had been a vocal proponent of a splinter party in the Kourigiran Senate, pushing for a more Democratic form of government, and possible Federation Membership. This put him in the sights of the Kourigiran Government.

Around Sora’s 10th birthday, members of the splinter party, including Sen’ta, and Sora’s brother, Sen’Shen, lead a rebellion. They managed to run the Emperor off the planet for about a month, and installed a new democratic government, and immediately opened talks with the Federation.

This was not to last. Almost exactly 30 days after being run off-world, the Emperor returned with a war fleet, laying waste to most of the Rebel Camps, and regaining control of the Empire in relatively short order. Sora’s Father and Brother were captured, and hung as traitors. Sora and her mother were both exiled from the Protectorate, forbidden to ever set foot on one of the worlds under their control, and branded on the face with the mark of a Traitor. To this day Sora resents both the government of the Protectorate, and her father, for the later hardships of her life.

Sora and many other refugee Korigirans (called the Lost Generation) were shuttled away to the Federation by a small relief fleet, lead by the [i]USS Merrimack[/i]. Sora’s mother eventually began a relationship with then Lt. Jared Novak. In the years to come, Kirin would marry the Security Officer, and she and Sora relocated to Novaks homeworld: Mars.

Growing up on Mars was a new experience for Sora, whom had not seen many “aliens” before then. She was taunted somewhat for the mark on her cheek, though no one ever knew what it meant. The grudge Sora already bore her people seemed to grow exponentially, and grew to include those who tormented her. She developed a very quick temper, and was often sent home from school for fighting.

Eventually, Kirin and Jared conceived a daughter, named Jur’isa. Sora’s new half-sister, and her step-brother, Aaron, were the best friends she’d ever had. To this day she maintains contact with both, sending weekly “letters”. Aaron was always there to protect her from the taunting of others, and Jur’isa idolized her older sister, giving Sora a reason to try and be a “better person”. The desire to live up to her sisters opinions of her, and her admiration of her Step-Father lead Sora to join Starfleet, shortly before the Borg Wars

. After graduating from the Academy, she made her way up through the ranks of Security, following the footsteps of her adopted stepfather. She was promoted to Chief of Security during the Borg Wars, and saw much time in hand to hand/close quarter combat, often forced to repel Borg boarders. The scars she carries from the war are buried deep inside her psyche, even if the physical remains have long since faded to nothing.

During the Borg Wars, Sora formed a bond with one of the junior science officers on her wartime posting, Airisa Vale. Both had become close friends while on the [i]USS Jamestown[/i] and by the end of the war, between the loss of other comrades, and the simple horrors of war, the relationship had blossomed into something much more than mere friendship. Two years after the end of the war, the two were legally married under Federation law. In an effort not to be put in compromising situations, both Airisa and Sora opted to transfer off the [i]Jamestown[/i]. Airisa ended up with a promotion and a posting as Chief Science Officer on the [i]USS Langdon[/i] and Sora went on to take a new Chief of Security position on the [i]USS Robert E. Lee[/i], one of the newly commissioned Excalibur-Class starships.

Sora stayed on the [i]Robert E. Lee[/i] during what has become the Cardassian Wars, while Airisa remained on the sidelines, with most science vessels being retro-fitted for medical duties (she was reassigned from CoS to Chief Nurse after training). Sora was forced to take command of the [i]Bobby Lee[/i] after an ambush by a Cardassian Patrol. After which, she was promoted to the position of Second Officer, and encouraged to pursue a career shift to the Command Track. She then took a 6 month Command Officer Training Course at Starbase 11, while her ship was undergoing an extensive refit. Sora returned to active duty in time to participate in the Second Battle of Isis.

The Robert E. Lee was part of task force Charlie, and sustained heavy damage during the battle while laying down cover fire for hospital ships after completing a screening action against the captured D-32 yards. With repairs estimations of at least one year, most of the crew has been encouraged to transfer off the ship. Sora has taken this opportunity to apply for the position of First Officer on the USS Krieger. Airisa, too, has put in for a transfer to the [i]Krieger[/i] but as a civilian. With the recent battles Sora has participated in, Arisia has decided that she wants to be where her wife is, even if that means resigning her commission.


Serving with distinction on the Kreiger, she has sense been recommended to take on a more strategical role for starfleet, being assigned to the Vendetta as Chief Strategic Operations Officer under Commodore Jarrah.

In actuality, Sora was ordered with little to no choice onto the Vendetta, just as she was getting a good feel for the Krieger. It remains to be seen why she was transferred, suddenly, or if this was the wisest of ideas. That her wife is no longer on the same ship with her, regardless of the now lack of commission, but instead, being forced to a small medical station, far from the field of combat, certainly does nothing to help her new found attitude issues
Service Record
Starfleet Academy, security track
Mars station, Security Officer
USS Benzite, Security Team Beta leader
USS Jamestown, CoS
USS Robert E Lee, CoS
Starbase 11, Command Officer Training
USS Robert E Lee, 2XO
USS Krieger, XO
USS Vendetta, Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Father Step Father: Commodore Jared Novak, Starfleet security; statione
Mother Kirin Natu, Doctor, Kourgiran Exile; living on Mars
Spouse Arisia Vale Natu, civilian Medical specialist; [i]USS Krieger[/i
Brothers Biological Brother: Kourgiran Rebel/Traitor; Deceased, Step Bro
Sisters Half-Sister: Lt.Jg Jur’isa Novak, Nurse; Mars.
Other Relatives Biological Father: Sen’ta Natu, Kourgiran Rebel/Traitor; Deceased
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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