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Biographical Entry
Operator Daniel Havenborn

General Information
Name Daniel Macharius Havenborn
Position Military Intelligence Operator
Rank Operator
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 32
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 10"
Weight 176 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Description See picture
Personality & Traits
General Overview Daniel is a true professional; he puts his work first before his own issues. For much his life he had been trained around the military both of his parents are professors at the Thracian Academy of Military Science, a school in which he would eventually attend and graduate from. Daniel prefers to let his work speak for himself rather than talk about it. Daniel is also a more quiet and reserved individual only speaking his mind when he feels it is appropriate.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
-Expert Marksman
-Quick Reflexes
-Tactical Knowledge

-His wife
-Personal life
-Trying to fit in with regular Marines
Ambitions -Become the best MI Operator in Starfleet.
-Attain the rank of Colonel.
-Attain the rank of General-rank and retire.
Hobbies & Interests Danielís main interests off duty are spending time with his wife and family, he has gone to great lengths to keep both his professional life and personal life separated.
Languages Federation Basic, Marine Sign, Intel-Glossia (Personal language)
Daniel was born to Radetsky and Audrey Havenborn in 2378 on Thracian Primaris, Danielís father had served in the Dominion War and become a well respected and liked officer. Throughout much of Danielís life he had been the popular child, he was his parentsí firstborn and usually got what he wanted. When Daniel turned 14 he was accepted into the Thracian Academy of Military Science. During his time at TAMS his combat scores were his best trait, he would spend much of his free time either courting Emily Sorrel his girlfriend at the Academy or spending time on the weapons range, when he graduated from TAMS at the age of 22 he was assigned to the 112th Marine Regiment, 3rd Platoon as a First Lieutenant.

After doing two tours with the 112th he was promoted to Captain and approached by a Marine Corps Intelligence Officer who had an interesting offer for him. Daniel accepted the offer the officer had and began his new life in Marine Corps Intelligence. After spending a year working with a mentor Daniel was assigned a Control-Officer and began taking on his own missions, most of which are still classified but he has been practically all over Federation territory, he has fought in some of the worst warzones that the Starfleet has been involved with, recently however his assignments have been more personal, he has been tracking and hunting down a known weapons dealer that has been supplying various terrorist groups around the Federation.

Father MGEN (Ret.) Radetsky Havenborn (68, CO TAMS)
Mother CPT (Ret.) Audrey Havenborn (64, Professor TAMS)
Spouse LCDR Emily Havenborn-Sorrel (31, Professor TAMS)
Brothers SGT Jorge Havenborn (28, SFMC, 224th Marine Regiment)
Sisters See Other Relatives.
Other Relatives Aelena Havenborn (28, Supervisory Team Leader, Thracian Orbital Shipyards), Valery Havenborn (24, Reporter for the Federation Holo-News Service)
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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