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The fallowing are sites related or friendly to the Vendetta

Sites related to the Vendetta **you should be a member of The Expedition Fleet Forums**:

The Vendetta's old Forums

The Vendetta’s old IC Group

The Vendetta’s old OOC Group

Sites friendly to the vendetta:

Angelique's realm

Legions of Midnight

doom 23's forums

CO’s Xanga

A great star trek reference site one of the best out there

If you want to submit a site please PM me on the Expedition Fleet Forums with the sites URL and a brief description of it.

Ships Friendly to the vendetta:

star wars rebellion

If you want to submit your ship please PM me on the Expedition Fleet Forums with the sites URL and The ships name. (I will not include any information other then the ships name)

A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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