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Personal Log - to romulus
by Captain Rick Biessman

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Log Details
Title to romulus
Author Captain Rick Biessman
Post Date 2005-12-22 20:47:07

Captains Log star date 86978.025,
With the concentrated tachyon burst a success, the vendetta is now back on course for Romulus, though I am still uncertain what we will find. I am further disturbed by the Nezmits engagement. One federation star ship firing on another is virtually unheard, and I fear even now our movements are being tracked. I estimate the vendetta will reach Romulus with in the next day at current speed. I suppose we will have the distinct honor of being the first federation ship to reach Romulus since the war. The Crew is on edge, but they are taking things in stride. We’ve been through a lot in the past weeks, but I have every confidence in their strength of will.

End log
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