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The History of The Reapers


The Reapers: A legacy of Excellence
The Reapers during the Second World War
Service in the Korean War
Service in the Vietnam War
The Reapers during the Gulf War
The Reapers during World War III
Service during the Dominion War
Service during the Borg War
The Vendetta and Beyond

The Reapers: A Legacy Of Excellence

The Reapers have served to protect and defend freedom for nearly 500 years. In that time the Reapers have earned a reputation as the one of the finest fighting forces in the galaxy. From their start as a fledgling marine division invading an obscure section of the occupied French coast to an elite fighting force based out of the USS Vendetta the reapers have truly earned their name, in sweat and blood.

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The Reapers during the Second World War

The Noble history of the Reapers began during the build up leading into the Second World War. Led by Captain Joseph Dwain the Reapers were in many respects like any other marine detachment, an untrained group mainly from the south, eager to defend their country from the evils of fascism. The key Advantage the Reapers had was the seasoned knowledge of Captain Dwain. Burg had served in World War one, but had never left the service. Rather the officer advanced through the ranks, and watched the nature of warfare change. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and Hitler declared war on the United States the Reapers were immediately shipped out to help Americas British allies. In 1943 plans began for an invasion unlike any other seen before. The planed invasion of Occupied France by allied troops was meant to open a second front, and increase pressure on Germany. The Reapers would be among the first to land on the beach head. The risks were great, casualties were expected to be high, and German resistance fierce, but the overwhelming sense of urgency, and duty surpassed the Anxiety. On June 6th 1944, 39 divisions left England and engaged in one of the most daring actions of the war.

The First American divisions made land fall early that June morning the Reapers among them. The beaches proved to be a death trap. Despite assurances to the contrary, the allied bombing had failed to destroy the Atlantic wall, and machine gun fire poured down inflicting tremendous casualties. The Reapers lost 20 men in the first day of fighting alone, but this sacrifice was not in vain. The Reapers have been attributed to the capture and destruction of 7 German embankments along the Atlantic wall.

The cost in lives was high, over 5,000 on the first day, but the day was one, the beach was held, and the allies now had a solid point from which to beet back Hitler, and leading the charge, the Reapers. The detachment had suffered heavily during the first phases of the invasion, how ever under the leadership of Captain Dwain the detachment pushed on.

The Reapers saw extensive action through out the rest of war taking part in the battle of the Bulge, and the crossing of the Rhine. When Germany finally surrendered the Reapers like many other detachments feared they would be shipped to the pacific theater, how ever the use of the atomic bombs, and japans subsequent surrender put these fears to rest. The Reapers were shipped home at the end of the war, receiving a hero’s; many returned to the Civilian life, how ever now Major Dwaine Remained in the service to lead a new generation of Reapers in a different kind of struggle for freedom.

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Service in the Korean War

The Korean War was the first major global conflict Fallowing World War II. Labeled a policing action the Reapers were deployed with the American, and UN forces to the Koran peninsula. The Reapers were among the first to land in Korea, and proved to be extremely vital to the initial phases of the war. As American Forces approached the Yangzi River, thousands upon thousands of Chinese troupes poured down catching American forces off guard and beginning the largest retreat of the war.

The Reapers were at the forefront of the advance on the Chinese boarder. As the fighting drew ever closer to china an increased number of Chinese soldiers were found among POW’s and enemy casualties. This would signal a great change in the coarse of the war.

What at first had been a simple policing action turned into a massacre of American forces when the Chinese entered into the war. The Reapers fought valiantly after the retreat from the Yangzi making the Chinese and North Korean forces pay for every foot of land, but the odds were simply to far stacked against them. When the armistice was signed the Reapers was among the detachments left behind should the North attempt any hostile actions.

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Service in the Vietnam War

The reapers were pulled out of DMZ patrol and placed back on active duty during the course of the Vietnam war. The Reapers like many other American Divisions suffered from a great sense of futility. Vietnam was a war with out a clear front, and an enemy that seemed to be all around you. It was a time of social upheaval, and like the country they represented the Reapers were torn between a sense of duty, and an unpopular war.

The Vietnam War was an especially difficult time for the Reapers. No longer the esteemed fighting force they had been during World War II and the Korean War. The last great tie to the detachments former glory, Major Joseph Dwain was killed in action. The Reapers suffered heavy loses from the Vietcong.

The Reapers would then fall under the command of Second Lieutenant Hank Gifford. Gifford was an inexperienced leader practically fresh out of west point. Gifford took little action as a commander beyond simply relaying orders from above. The Reapers suffered greatly due to this under management.

The end of the Vietnam war left many of those who participated with a lack of fulfillment. There was no great victory, there was no armistice. The reapers were no exception. The Reapers returned home alienated from the Society around them, victems of a war their country would try to forget.

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The Reapers during the Gulf War

During the Gulf War the Reapers were first to fight, assigned along with the First Recon Division the responsibility of spearheading the campaign into Kuwait clearing the iraqi troops out of the key areas. They lost many good men during this campaign, even so they were given the order to take control of and secure Kuwait City. They worked along side Special Operations Units from American and SAS Units from the United Kingdom. They eventually drove all the Iraqi troops from Kuwait City, remaining for a further 3 months to assist in the rebuilding.

At this time they returned the United States victorious, they resumed their standard operational duties, in constant preparation for re-deployment. Many years passed and many mission too but again they were deployed into Iraq. As part of Gulf War 2 they were sent in with the Marine Divisions First Recon, on entering Iraq they made a bee-line for Baghdad meeting heavy resistance from the local groups and Republican Guard. Once they had secured Baghdad rioting became rife and many good Reapers were lost in action. At the behest of the Commanding Officer at the time a Major Kowalski the Reapers employed a tactical strategy which they had developed themselves. Using this method they were able to begin to put a stop to the suicide bombings and return control of the country back to its people.

This was a highly criticized campaign on both counts and the Reapers never really received the credit that they deserve for securing and bringing peace back to a conflict ridden area of the world.

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The Reapers during World War III

The third world war was beyond anything else the world had seen. Ships such as the Vendetta, and the George W. Bush, and the near unrestricted use of Nuclear weapons the devastation brought about by world war III has never been paralleled on earth. Fighting stretched across the globe as nations vanished from the earth replaced by Radiological wasteland.

Many think of World War III as having simply been a perpetual bombing campaign Carried out from the Decks of ships, and aircraft far above the earth, how ever the War was not simply an anonymous slaughter of peoples. Troops were used extensively to pick apart the rubble of cities wiped out by nuclear blasts. Humanity Destroyed itself moving ever closer towards complete self annihilation.

The worst fighting went on in third world nations. In areas too poor to defend themselves dictators rose to power often inflicting more damage to their own people then to their enemies. Governments in these regions appeared and disappeared faster then the could be recorded.

During this Dark period in humanities history the Reapers served mainly in the Western European Theater the Reapers saw the aftermath of the terrible weapons the Easter Coalition had unleashed. Under the Command of Major David White, the Reapers capered over 20 European “cities” in what had been France and Spain. The Reapers fought what seemed to be a non-existent enemy, moving from one bombed out city to another.

After Five years in the European Theater the reapers were redeployed to the Middle East. Fighting against the United Arab Coalition the Reapers joined several other Divisions. At this Stage of the war most of the earth had been reduced to rubble. Nearly all major cities and major governments had been destroyed. The reapers were one of the few detachments to make it through absorbing other units to continue on as ordered.

As the world around them collapsed the Reapers continued to fight. Sadly few of the Reapers made it home, eventually settling in the areas they conquered. The Reapers were one of the only trained fighting forces to survive the war. Even after settling in Europe they kept the name Eastern Coalition serving as peace keepers among the factions surrounding them. For many decades after the war people would continue to fear and respect the name Reapers as a powerful fighting force.

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Service during the Dominion War

Following World War III and the Formation of Starfleet the Reaper name was carried over into the Starfleet Marine Corps, this has been the name of the most valued, most respected and most feared Marine Unit for ever more. During the Dominion War the Reapers were assigned to the most vicious of battles, On one of the most notable of battles they took part in was a mission to take and hold a remote system under cardassian control at the time, it was being used as the primary Ketresel White production facility in the region and a cloning facility for Jem Hadar. They went up against heavy resistance, combat lasted over 2 weeks. Once again many good Reapers were lost to the enemy.

The Cardassian Union had heard of the Reapers and their tenacious lust for victory, after the two week battle had ended the Cardassians surrendered to the Reapers. The Jem Hadar did not do the same seeing the Cardassians as weak for doing so. A Squad of Marines Led by First Lieutenant Steven Markon (Father of Chris Markon the current Reaper Detachment Commander) eliminated the remaining combat capable Jem Hadar. Following this action Steven Markon was promoted to the Rank of Captain and given command of a platoon. They were withdrawn from Ufito IV and assigned to the USS Saratoga in an effort to effect the retaking of Deep Space Nine.

Once they had successfully assisted in recapturing the Space Station the Reapers were taken off the frontline and sent on a deadly sabotage mission behind enemy lines. Unfortunately they were all captured, bar one man, Steven Markon. Heroically he managed to escape undetected and raise the alarm with the appropriate authorities launching a massive attack against the cardassians and dominion forces.

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Service during the Borg War

Following the end of the Dominion War a new threat presented itself in the Alpha Quadrant. The Borg came to our corner of the universe with a view to assimilating every planet. The worst of all is they were almost successful in their Endeavour. During this conflict the Reapers were given a starship (USS Fearless) and operated as a rapid deployment unit. The ship and the detachment took part in over 38 campaigns against the borg, the ship was eventually reclaimed by Starfleet with the war going so badly for them they needed every ship they could get, the detachment remained aboard now under the watchful eye of Lieutenant Colonel Steven Markon.

A catastrophic loss of life in the Alpha Quadrant left only one place left for Starfleet to make its last stand, Sector 001. Thousands of ships formed the federation fleet, hundreds of thousands of fighters, flown by marines and Starfleet personnel and anyone who could pilot a ship for that matter. Half of the Reaper detachment was assigned to piloting fighters and assisting in repairs on the USS Fearless during the battle. The remainder of the detachment was to be sent on a mission into the core of the lead Cube, hoping to cut off the collective from its Queen. Led by Steven Markon the platoon successfully infiltrated the Cube and was generally unhindered in their movement through the ship due to the onslaught of phaser fire from the federation fleet.

Once they reached the core they found the Queen heavily protected, of the 50 marines who infiltrated the sphere almost two thirds of them were eliminated by the Borg, assimilated and then killed by their comrades to prevent them from becoming the enemy they had hoped to defeat. The marines went into hell itself and planted an explosive so primitive that the Borg did not perceive it as a threat. The fearless made a sweep towards the Cube transporting the remaining Reapers out of the cube seconds prior to its explosions. These actions allowed the federation fleet to gain the upper hand and eventually obliterate the enemy, saving the Alpha Quadrant and the Universe from Starfleet’s ultimate foe.

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The Vendetta and Beyond

Since Early 2405 the Reapers have served aboard the Star Ship Vendetta as an elite force of Starfleet marines. The Reapers continue to lead the battle for the federation serving on the front lines of a new war. The Reapers are lead by Christopher Markon. Through out the course of the Cardassian war have proven their skill in several key engagements. The Reapers have continued to uphold the strong tradition of honor, and respect which was set forth so many years ago.

The Nature of warfare and the Galaxy will undoubtedly continue to change. As advances in automation and robotics continue to remove the human equation from warfare the stakes are continually raised, and well the faces may change, and enemies and allies may shift, the name Reaper has, and shall continue to bring both hope, and fear to the hearts of many. As the great Winston Churchill once said “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”

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