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Deck Lay out of the USS VENDETTA NCC-90198

The following is a list of certain decks that have more specific roles in ship operations, and a brief description of their function.

Role specific decks:

Deck 1 [Bridge]: the command center of the ship the bridge is the nerve center. The bridge is one of the few spots were virtually all departments have representation.

Deck 1A [Bridge Support]: houses the various facilities needed to maintain the bridge module at peak efficiency.

Deck 2 [Department Head Offices]: the offices of most department heads are located on deck two including the XO’s Ready room. The Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineering Officer, Deck Master, and Chief Intelligence Officer have desks in their respective sections.

Deck 3 [Security and Tactical]: Deck three is the comprised of centralized facilities to improve coordination among security teams. Assets such as the security doors and internal defense systems can be controlled from Deck. 3 When Security forces are overwhelmed Marine and security operations can be coordinated from security Deck 3 [It should be noted that in said situations the Chief of security takes command of all forces in play regardless of respective ranks]

Deck 4 [Diplomatic Facilities]: The Intimidator Class was not designed with diplomatic roles in mind, however the Class still offers a reduced number of diplomatic facilities and areas. The diplomatic sections aboard the Vendetta are more than sufficient to provide transport for diplomats, as well as hold small diplomatic summits.

Deck 7 [Primary Shuttle Bay]: by far the largest facility on the vendetta shuttle bay one is located on deck seven. The bulk of deck seven is dedicated to shuttle construction maintenance and storage.

Deck 8 [Marine Facilities]: In deck 8 reside the finest marines and the best equipment available to keep them in first-rate condition. From the largest holodeck on the ship to a fully functional variable configuration training facility, Deck 8 was designed to accommodate Star Fleet’s best and bravest.

Deck 9 [Infiltration/Intelligence Operations]: Deck 9 is completely dedicated to covert operations. From training infiltration members, to intelligence briefings, to holding decrypting sensitive information deck 9 is equipped with the most state of the art equipment needed for any intelligence gathering operation.

Deck 12 –Bow- [Medical Facilities]: One of the most comprehensive and complete medical facilities on board any ship can be found on the vendetta. The vendetta can handle large numbers of injuries as well as aid in planetary disaster relief and is equipped with centers designed to deal with triage situations where large numbers of wounded personnel are expected. Advanced medical labs as well as improved patient care facilities make the vendettas medical facilities the finest in the fleet.

Deck 20 [Main Engineering]: The finest technical minds in the federation can be seen at work on deck 20, and they have some of the best tools to work with. The vendettas engineering section has been refined and developed over years of trial and error to yield one of the most efficient operating areas ever to be produced.

Deck 28 [Fighter Operations]: Deck 28 houses the thunder cats, the Vendetta’s fighter wing as well as their support stations and personnel. Fighter operations is linked directly to shuttle bay two through a series of six craft lifts which support the two fighter hanger bays on Deck 27. The Intimidator refit has incorporated a number of rapid acceleration launch tubes which are designed to allow the ship to deploy its entire fighter compliment in under 30 seconds, assuring that fighter escorts are readily available at almost any time. The equipment in the fighter operations center has been specially designed to keep as many fighters in the air as possible in a combat situation. Fighter pilot quarters are also located on Deck 28 around the fighter bay.

Non Deck Specific Objects

The following is a list of various corridors and crawl ways common to the majority of areas on the USS Vendetta:

Coridoors: The standard corridor of the USS Vendetta.

Turbo lift: The turbo lift is the standard method of moving from one deck to another in any federation star ship. Turbo lifts are capable of both vertical and horizontal movement [Turbo Lift Tube]

Jeffries Tubes: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 The Jeffries tubes are a network of small enclosed crawlways that allow star ship personal to easily access to a variety of systems. They can be vertically or horizontally oriented, and form a network that allows travel throughout large volumes of a starship even when the turbo lifts are not functioning. Jeffries tubes provide “easy access” in most cases to critical systems that could not otherwise be reached.

Service corridors: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 The service corridor is an enlarged version of the Jeffries tubes designed to allow rapid ready access to vital maintenance areas. In the situation of severe damage a service corridor can serve as an emergency evacuation rout.

Security doors: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 The security door system was developed during the Borg war and has since been implemented on all federation star ships. The development of the security door was spurred on by the relative ease at which Borg drones passed through federation shielding. Well drones could cut through the doors they would not simply be able to walk through them, thus buying the crews of boarded vessels additional time to cope with their situation. All security doors are equipped with fractal encryption lock outs that prevent Borg over ride. (All security doors can be controlled from Master security control)

In corridor maintenance:

In corridor power distribution access: 1 , 2 It is often vital to be able to access the power transfer grid in none specially designed stations. It is for this reason that the floor panels in all corridors can be removed to provide access to sub systems running underneath them. Often in corridors the walls panels can be removed for additional maintenance access. [This is never the case around security doors]

secondary control panel: There are often situations where a control panel is damaged or made unreachable. In these situations, panels in either the wall or in the deck itself can be removed to access the basic systems of a control panel. Well they often lack the full display they are able to provide the basic command functions of the panel that would normally be used.

Cargo Lift control: From stations such as this one the cargo lift system the runs through many of the central cargo bays can be used to transport freight from on Bay to another. These lifts are not rated to carry personal they move far faster than standard turbo lifts to decrease time of transit for freight. The Cargo Lift system is cross linked to both shuttle bays and can be used to transfer small craft from one shuttle bay to another.

Individual Deck Lay out of the

Deck 1-Bridge Module- [Bridge]: Bridge , Observation Lounge , Ready Room

Deck 1-Mid Module-: Type IV Energy Cannon, Secondary Long Range Sensor Nodes [Note: The Mid Module Deck 1 is Elevated slighted above the Bridge Module to allow the Type IV energy Cannon a greater Firing Ark]

Deck 1A-Bridge Module- [Bridge Support]: Service station A , Sensor maintenance 1 , Bridge life support control, Emergency control over ride

Deck 2-Bridge Module- [Department Head Offices]: Admirals Office , XO’s ready room , Mission Advisors office , Chief Tactical Officer’s Office , Chief Councilor’s Office , Chief Strategic Operations Officer’s Office , Chief Flight Control Officer’s Office , Chief Diplomatic Officer’s office , Chief Science Officer’s Office , Chief Operations Officer’s Office

Deck 2-Mid Module-: Departmental Briefing Room , Energy Cannon Supports, Sensor Overrides, Travel Pod Dock

Deck 3-Bow- [Security and Tactical]: Master Security Control , Auxilary Security Monitoring , Auxilary Tactical Control , Security Briefing Center , Security Hearing and Interrogation Center , Armory 1 , Brig 1 , Brig 2 , Chief of Security’s Office , Armory 2 , Auxiliary Energy Cannon Control Center , Transporter Room 1 , Security Maintenance Substation B, Tactical Sub Processors

Deck 4-Bow- [Diplomatic Facilities]: Diplomatic Conference Hall , Lecture hall , Federation Consulate’s Quarters , Diplomatic dining hall , Ambassador’s Quarters 1-10 , Ambassador’s Quarters 10-20 , Diplomatic Quarters , Transporter Room 2 , Security Task Force Station [active only when facilities in use], Armory 3

Deck 5-Bow-: General Recreation Areas , Sparing Rings , Library 1 , Holodeck 1 & 2 , Bat’leth Arena , Arboretum 2 , Gym , shooting range , swimming pool , wrestling arena , Anbo-jystu Ring , Raquet Ball Courts

Deck 6-Bow-: Raquet Ball Courts , Phaser Ranges , Sparing Rooms , Spring Ball Courts 1-12 , Bat’leth Arena 2 , Arborietum , Library 2 , Armory 4 , Additional Shuttle Support Facilities, Upper Shuttle Bay 1, Shuttle Bay Observation Deck, Crew Lounge 1 [Aft Facing] , , Cargo Bay 2 [Lift supported] , Cargo dock [Internal] , Cargo Dock [External] , Library 3

Deck 7-Bow-[Primary Shuttle Bay]: Shuttle bay 1 [exterior] , Hanger bay 1 , Hanger Bay 2 , Hanger bay 3 , Hanger Bay [Port] , Hanger Bay [Starboard] , Additional Shuttle Storage , Shuttle Construction & Modification Facility , Shuttle Maintenance Centers 1 & 2 , Master shuttle bay control , Deck Masters Office , Vehicle Storage Bays , Engineering Support 1 , Away team gear storage , docking station [P+S]

Deck 8 [Marine Facilities]: Variable Configuration Training Arena , Marine Training Holodeck , Marine Commanding Officer’s Office , Marine Executive Officer’s Office , Marine Officers Quarters , Marine lockers 1-20 , Deployment Room , Marine Rapid Deployment Transporters, Marine Briefing Room , Marine Barracks 1-25 , Marine Armory [all corridors contain such structures on Deck 8] , Central Marine Armory/Heavy Weapon Storage , Marine gyms 1-6 , Marine wrestling court 1-4 , Marine close quarters combat training 1-5 , Marine firing ranges 1-8 , Marine lounge , Marine barracks 26-75 , marine barracks 75-125 , advanced weapon R&D, Master at arms station, Field weapon trial areas 1-10 , Vehicel Storage Bays

Deck 9 [Infiltration/Intelligence Operations]: Intelligence Multi Configuration Training Center , Long Range Transporter [Transporter Room 3] , Infiltration training Holodeck , Infiltration Lounge , Infiltration Lockers , infiltration briefing area 1 , Chief Infiltration Specialist’s Office , Chief Intelligence Officer’s Office [The Cave] , Brig 3 , Briefing Room 3 , Armory 5 , Infiltration Teams Quarters

Deck 10 -Bow-: Operations , Mess Hall , Junior Officers Quarters , Captain’s Mess , Captain’s Study Upper Tier , Captain’s Quarters Upper Tier , Ten Forward , Crew Quarters , Impulse Engine Control , Observation Area , Crew Lounge 2 , Junior Officers Quarters , Computer Core Maintenance , Impulse Generators , Docking Station 2 [P+S] , Crew Quarters

Deck 10 -Aft-: Upper Injectors [Primary Core] , Deflector Control , Cargo Bay 3 [Not Lift Supported]

Deck 11: Crew Quarters , Galley , Star Drive Mess , Officers Lounge , Captain’s Quarters Lower Tier , Captain’s Study Lower Tier , Senior Staff Quarters , Officer’s Mess , Executive Officer’s Quarters , Transporter Room 4 , Senior Staff Quarters , Auxilary Impulse Control , Impulse Power Distribution Control

Deck 12-Bow- [Medical Facilities]: Sick Bay , Medical Sciences Wing , Chief Medical Officer’s Office , Trauma Unit , Advanced Medical Sciences , Morgue , Morgue II/Autopsy Room , Micro Biological Studies , Clean Room , Medical Recovery Room , Medical observation wing , counseling room , Science lab 1 , Intensive care unit , counseling room 2 , counseling room 3 , Transporter Room 5

Deck 12 -Aft-: Crew Quarters , Holodeck 3 , science lab 7 , Cargo Bay 4 [NOT lift supported] , High Capacity Transporters, Triage Centers

Deck 13 -Bow-: Astro Metrics 1 , Science Lab 2 [robotics/automation] , Science Lab 3 , Science Lab 4 , Stellar cartography 1 , Science lab 5 , Stellar Cartography 2 , Astro Metrics 2 , Life Support Control , sensor maintenance , Power Flow Regulation Centers

Deck 13 -Aft-: Crew Quarters , Replomats , Main Brig , Security Monitoring Sub Station, Docking Station [P+S]

Deck 14: Computer Core , Nursery school , school , Crew Quarters , Holodeck 4 , Cargo Bay 5 [NOT lift supported] Crew Quarters , Transporter Room 6 , Tactical Maintenance Sub-station A , Power Transfer Conduit Monitoring , senior staff quarters

Deck 15: Crew quarters , Replomat , Crew Lounge 3 , Transporter Room 7 , Secondary Computer Core Control, Torpedo Storage, Auxiliary Power Transfer Cut offs, Redundant Bio-neural Processors, Fire Suppression Centers

Deck 16: Cargo Bay 6 [Lift supported] , Secondary Science Labs , crew quarters , Engineering Support 2

Deck 17-Bow-: Senior Staff Quarters , Junior Officers Quarters , Crew Quarters , Additional Science Centers, Long Range Sensor Systems , Sensor Monitoring and Power Flow Regulation , Engineering Support Systems, Environmental Controls , Broad Range Sub Space Monitoring Center

Deck 17-Aft-: Deuterium Storage Tanks , Saucer Section Power Distribution Center , Cargo Bay 7 [Not Lift Supported] , Cargo Bay 8 [Lift Supported] , Computer Maintenance Centers , Torpedo Storage, Environmental Controls, Automation Centers 1 & 2

Deck 18: Upper injectors [Secondary Core] , Injector Support Assemblies, Torpedo Storage, Phaser Cannon Support Structures , Primary Power Transfer Conduits , Crew quarters , Primary EPS Manifolds for Saucer Section , Power Grid Monitoring , Armory 6

Deck 19-Bow-: Ship’s Pub (Happy Bottom Riding Club) , Torpedo Turret Support, Energy Cannon Support , Cargo Bay 9 [Not Lift Supported] , Crew Quarters , Secondary Plasma Conduits [Supports Phaser Cannon], Power Regulation Systems

Deck 19-Aft-: Cargo Bay 10 [Lift Supported] , Cargo Bay 11 [Lift Supported] , Additional Marine Barracks , Torpedo Storage, Torpedo Lift Controls, Turbo Lift Control Center, Cargo Lift Dispatch Center [Automated],

Deck 20-Bow-: Type III Energy Cannon Assembly , Rapid Fire Torpedo Turret , Captain’s Yacht [USS Endurance]

Deck 20-Aft-: Umbilical Connections, Torpedo Storage, Sensor Maintenance, Thruster Support, Tactical Control Stations, Deflector Support, , Cargo Bay 12 [Lift Supported] , Transporter Room 8 , Emergancy Environmental Overrides , Power Transfer Center

Deck 21-Aft-: Cargo Bay 13 [Lift Supported] , Sub Space Transceiver Controls , Cargo Bay 14 [Lift Supported] , External Power Relays [Active Only When Docked], Hydroponics Bay, Upper Main Engineering, Power Transfer Conduits , Cargo Bay 15 [Lift Supported] , Primary Shield Generators, Primary SIF Generators, Primary Dregas Array , docking station [P+S]

Deck 22-Aft- [Main Engineering]: Main engineering , Chief Engineering Officer’s Office , Slip Stream Drive Generator , Additional Engineering Support, Slip Stream Regulators, Computer Core Access, Secondary Controls, Redundant BIO Neural Processing , Secondary computer core maintenance , Cargo bay 16 [Lift supported] , Cargo bay 17 [Lift supported] , Auxilary Control Center , Docking Station [P+S] , Transporter Room 9 , Armory 7

Deck 23-Aft-: Conference room 3 , Crew quarters , Transporter Room 10 , Cargo Bay 18 [Lift Supported] , Auxilary Data Processing , Advanced Navigational Computing , Star Drive Section Power Distribution Center , Anti Matter Flow Emergency Shut Off [Primary Core] , Armory 8

Deck 24-Aft-: Astro-metrics 3 , Armory 9 , Cargo bay 19 [NOT lift supported] , Secondary Computer Core Maintenance Centers, Engineering Support Centers, Secondary Science Facilities, Hydroponics Research Center , Engineering Lounge , TAC COM Supports Systems, Auxiliary Sensor Support, Auxiliary Life Support Systems, Primary and Secondary Batteries [Decks 27 through 25]

Deck 25-Aft-: Crew quarters , Science lab 3 , science lab 4 , Power grid access , Auxilary shield control , Cargo bay 20 [Lift supported] , Upper Secondary Engineering, Power Flow Regulators, Emergency Power Cut Offs, Torpedo Storage, Operations Support Center, Air Lock [Does Not Support Umbilical Connection]

Deck 26-Aft-: Secondary Engineering , Power Regulation Centers , Power Transfer Centers , Tertiary Science Facility, Emergency Phaser System Cut Off, Secondary Engineering Supports , Crew Quarters , Transporter Room 11 , Armory 10 , docking station [P+S]

Deck 27-Aft-: Landing Bay , Fighter Lifts [6: 3 Port 3 Star Board] , Shuttle bay 2 [Interior/Lift Supported] , Hanger Bay [Port] , Hanger Bay [Starboard] , Deck Master’s station , Cargo bay 1[Lift Supported] , Cargo bay 21 [NOT lift supported] , Anti Matter Flow Emergency Shut Off [Secondary Core] , Armory 11 , Away team gear storage , Industrial Transporters

Deck 28-Aft- [Fighter Operations]: Port Hanger Bay , StarBoard Hanger Bay , Fighter Lifts [6: 3 Port 3 Star Board] , Launch Tube Control Station , Launch Tube Entrance , Launch Tube [Interior] , Launch Tube [External] , Office Of the Captain of the Air Group , Fighter Squadron Briefing Room , Fighter Barracks , Deck Master support Center, Machine Centers, Industrial Replicators, Heavy Machinery Storage, Fighter Support Centers, Forward Torpedo Tube , Armory 12

Deck 29-Aft-: Auxiliary Sick Bay , Medical Observation Room , Cargo bay 22 [Lift supported] , Engineering support 3 , Tactical Maintenance Substation B , Cargo Bay 23 [Lift supported] , Cargo dock [Internal] , Cargo Dock [External] , Ventral Maintenance , Industrial Replicators, Material Fabrication Centers, Additional Fighter Support Areas, Ammunition Manufacturing Centers , Auxiliary Fighter Component Storage

Deck 30-Aft-: Recycling Centers, Cargo Bay 24[volatile chemical & substance storage NOT lift supported] , Cargo Bay 25 [hazardous martial storage NOT lift supported] , Umbilical Supports, Torpedo Storage, Secondary Charged Particle Emitters, Torpedo Storage, Aft Type III Energy Cannon Support, Aft Type III Energy Cannon Assembly

Deck 31-Aft-: Lower injector support , Ventral Maintenance , Cargo bay 26 [lift supported] , Torpedo Tube [aft] ,

Deck 32-Aft-: Power regulation sub junction A , Lower injector , Deuteroium Reserve Tanks , Engineering Support 4 , Ventral maintenance , End of Turbo lift Network [All Decks and facilities Bellow this point must be accessed Via the Jeffries tube network]

Deck 33-Aft-: Venteral maintenance , Gravitational monitoring , Antimatter Injector Assembly, Anti-matter Storage Pods, Anti-matter Injection Reactors, Energy Cannon Support Systems

Deck 34-Aft-: Antimatter Injector Assembly, Anti-matter Storage Pods, Waste Gas Compression Center, Ventral Phaser Strip, Ventral Type III Energy Cannon

Port and Starboard Nacelles: The Port and Starboard nacelles Contain a limited amount of support equipment including plasma conduits, as well as service corridors to provide maintenance access to the Nacelles during periods of heavy repair or refit. During normal operations maintenance cycles within the Nacelles and Nacelle Pylons are carried out automatically. During Periods of Severe Emergency drive plasma can be vented into space throughout the entire length of the nacelle.

Port and Starboard Nacelle Pylons: The Port and Starboard Pylons contain a limited amount of support equipment including plasma conduits, as well as two phaser strips per pylon [One Ventral, and one Dorsal Strip Per Pylon]. These sections of the ship are only accessible through the Service corridor or Jeffries tube networks.

Central Nacelle Pylon: In the support strut for the third nacelle all decks above the bridge are referred to by lettering. On the Intimidator Refit Class ‘A’ Deck refers to the Torpedo tube on top of the Center Nacelle, ‘B’ Deck through ‘G’ Deck refers to the area inside of the main body of the nacelle itself, and ‘H’ Deck refers to the first Deck in the support strut. The Third Nacelle itself serves to increase the Intimidators top speed altering the sustainable warp field geometry. Unlike the Previous Intimidator Refits the Current Intimidator can obtain warp speeds even if the third nacelle is completely destroyed, however the slip stream drive systems requires the use of the third nacelle to generate a stable sustainable Slip Stream conduit.

A Deck: Torpedo Launcher [Forward], Secondary NAV COM array, Secondary Dregas Array

B Deck: Torpedo Storage, Automated Torpedo Supply System, Torpedo Support Systems.

C Deck: Plasma Vents, Warp Coils , Bussard Ramscoop Control Systems

D Deck: Warp Coils , Inter Coil Regulator [Accessed Only Via Jeffries Tubes], Nacelle Support systems

E Deck: Warp Coils , Bussard Ramscoop

F Deck: Warp Coils, Plasma Stream, Magnetic Flow Constrictors, Final Emergency Plasma Shut Off, Plasma Injector Support Station [Accessed Only Via Jeffries Tubes], Bussard Ramscoop Field Coils

G Deck: Bussard Ramscoop Control Center [Accessed Only Via Jeffries Tubes], Bussard Ramscoop Retraction Systems, Nacelle Separation Plane [Nacelle can be separated from Pylon During Periods of Maintenance of Refit at a Star Base or other support Facility]

H Deck: Torpedo Storage, Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, Automated Torpedo Lift system [Links to Torpedo Launcher on A Deck], End of Turbo Lift Network [All Decks and facilities above this point must be accessed Via the Jeffries tube network] Slip Stream NAV COM, Slip Stream Directional Array

Deck 1: Cargo Bay 1-A [Lift Supported: This is the end of the Cargo Bay Lift System] , Torpedo Storage, Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop], Plasma Cut Off System [For use during Periods of Nacelle Separation]

Deck 2: Cargo Bay 2-A [Lift Supported] , Torpedo Storage, Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

Deck 3: Cargo Bay 3-A [Lift Supported] , Cargo Bay 3-B [Lift Supported] , Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

Deck 4: Cargo Bay 4-A [Lift Supported] , Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

Deck 5: Cargo Bay 5-A [Lift Supported] , Cargo Bay 5-B [Lift Supported] , Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

Deck 6: Cargo Bay 6-A [Lift Supported] , Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

Deck 7: Cargo Bay 7-A [Lift Supported] , Cargo Bay 7-B [Lift Supported & External Dock/Soft Seal Applications] , Docking Station [Port] , Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

Deck 8: Cargo Bay 8-A [Lift Supported] , Cargo Bay 8-B [Lift Supported] , Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

Deck 9: Cargo Bay 9-A [Lift Supported] , Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

Deck 10: Transporter Room 12 , Armory 13 , Cargo Bay 27 [Lift Supported] , Secondary SIF Generators, Emergency Bulk Heads, Transverse Bulkhead Network, Plasma Transfer Conduits, EPS Conduits [Slip Stream Drive & Torpedo Systems], Slip Stream Control Relays, EPS Manifolds, Power Relay system [Supports Passive Nacelle Function & Bussard Ramscoop]

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